Atomic Gamer - Astro A50 Preview

Atomic Gamer - Late last year, I jumped into the realm of pro gamer audio hardware when I got an Astro A40 headset, complete with the 5.8GHz Mixamp add-on. I expected to be completely blown away with it, especially considering it was about a $250 package, but I was actually kind of disappointed with it. It was a huge and complex set up meant to be hooked up a half a dozen ways using more than a dozen parts and cables. In order to try and make every gamer of all kinds happy, Astro went way overboard. The A40s were quality hardware - that's for certain - but it was far from an elegant package. Now, Astro has a new set coming out called the A50s, even more expensive than before, but this is a much more simple package that does a few things much better than the A40s, while simplifying the setup much more.

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