Videogame Virgin: Arkham Asylum and all the shiny things

(Editor’s note: In this bi-weekly feature, Pixelitis staffer Matt Brown shares his “down the rabbit hole” look into gaming history. Having admittedly missed what many consider “classics,” join him as he dives in head first. We ask that you just be gentle with him.)

"Batman: Arkham Asylum, how I love thee. How your beautiful, brutal countenance doth draw mine eyes away from the gilded glow of the laptop, toward the luster of the living room. Are you enamored with the allure of alliteration? I am.

These past two weeks have been almost as illuminating as the two preceding. I find myself again spoiled and over-stimulated and therefore mostly un-enthused with Baldur’s Gate. But currently I find myself with an easy excuse for such a fickle sensibility and that easy excuse is Arkham Asylum.

As I mentioned before, I’ve played Arkham Asylum before and loved it. Like having a cheeseburger after a year of “trying” to be a vegetarian, it never loses that delicious flavor. The tone, voice acting and writing, atmosphere, and combat are all reason enough to play this game, over and over again. At length. A bunch. Can’t stress that enough."

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Tzuno2200d ago

a good game indeed better than arkham city

insomnium22200d ago

I just played this game and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Can't say about Arkhan city but it as sure as hell scored well. Also due to this game being as good as it was I'm interested in AC just for that alone.

Trenta272200d ago

AC is incredible. If you thought Arkham Asylum was huge, wait until you try AC.

Philoctetes2200d ago

I liked Arkham Asylum too, but Arkam City was sensational. I put it off because of Dark Souls and Skyrim, but having worked my way through it a couple of months back, I'm surprised it didn't get more GOTY action. Hard to compare a sandbox superhero game to something like Syrim, but AC was really superb.

egidem2200d ago

Let's put it simple: Both Arkham games are awesome.

optimus2200d ago

I bought arkham city game of the year edition last week and finished it last night with just 40% complete. I'm now tackling all the side missions and dlc...had i gotten the regular version i might say it's not as good "story wise" as asylum but playing as catwoman and the other characters definitely makes up for it... This is one of the few games that has managed to keep me playing til 4am... Just goes to show that not every great game has to have a multiplayer mode attached to it.

I wonder where they will take batman next? I don't want to spoil anything but it doesn't look like they can go anywhere else... Unless they take it worldwide with other villains.