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GamerFitNation: The Walking Dead Episode Two: Starved for Help is the second chapter in the episodic series based on the comics by Robert Kirkland. As a fan of the show and comics, I was excited to get my hands on this second episode. I reviewed The Walking Dead Episode One and loved it for the situations and decisions that it forces you to make. With The Walking Dead Episode Two, I am hoping that it continues those situations and progresses them even further. Does this episode maintain all of those features and more? Read our review to find out!

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Ramas2141d ago

i love this game a lot too, but that canibalism thing was very predictable from very begining, maybe becouse i have experience in other games when family is very nice to you for no reason and later i found out that they eat people (fallout 3)
So it not felt very original and predictable, but i still freaking like this game.