Indie game developers weigh in on Valve's Steam Greenlight

Independent video game developers seem cautiously optimistic about Steam Greenlight, but potential abuse of the system is a concern.

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acronkyoung2197d ago

Cool to hear their opinion of this. They're certainly the ones who are going to be the most affected by it.

NYC_Gamer2197d ago

Indie studios will be able to build themselves a nice community on Steam

Tolkoto2197d ago

It's one of the few only mildly nasty communities in gaming.

roblef2197d ago

Sad commentary, but true.

roblef2197d ago

I think this is an important step. Innovative game development is what Valve is all about.

SybaRat2197d ago

Just so long as there's a ceremony with torches and backstabbing, I'm in.