$99 hackable Android console Kickstarter: $75k in 1 hour

Destructoid - The Ouya is a $99 Android-based game console that would come with free-to-play games and a development kit. Or, it will be once they make enough cash on Kickstarter to get it going. I think they'll be fine, though: They've raised over $75,000 of their $950,000 goal in one hour this morning.

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DA_SHREDDER2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

I have been waiting for an android console since they announced the Vita. I know Sony already partnered with Android, but this is a giant step in the right direction. Open source and android based console in every room in the house would be sweet! This will make every tv in the house a google tv. That is if it comes with a web browser, which it obviously will, that would be phenomenal. Add blutooth support and you can use a keyboard and mouse.

blackbirdi2201d ago

it's still weak for hardcore gaming .... interms of graphics and online gaming ... seconde why i buy a console like that if i can play android games on tablet with hdmi output...and even with a pc i can do that using BlueStacks

JBSleek2201d ago

Excuse me??? Us Casual Gamers are hardcore.

blackbirdi2201d ago

@JBSleek Casual Gaming is just a phase and then it will dispeare again ...actually it will colapse in terms of sales and interest

BlmThug2201d ago

Casual gaming really is just a phase. Their like kids, they'll play with one thing for a certain amount of time and then move onto the next thing. I cant wait for them to piss off

Reibooi2201d ago

Graphics and what not are not why this is a important thing. This will allow game developers be in a small team big team or just a single person to gave complete and total freedom over what they make.

Some of the best games I have played over the last few years haven't been pushing any tech barriers or anything but that doesn't mean they are not awesome. Stuff like Fez, Bastion, Braid, Limbo and Journey as awesome simply because of how unique and different they are and with a console like this it makes it so the people making the games are in total control.

I think that is a great idea. and considering the Kickstarter is over a mil at this point alot of people must feel the same.

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bobshi2201d ago

It is just a glorified Android 'mini-PC' with a custom market and a controller.

I guess that last bit could be the crucial part.

$99 isn't a bad price for the spec even if you didn't use it for games, though.

WeskerChildReborned2201d ago

It's already got enough pledges and i think it still has 29 days to go aha.

Summons752201d ago

ugh stupid people wasting money on stupid things. This will flop like Onlive did and sayings it's easily hackable won't attract sales. "Please buy our system and have your personal information stole, hell you could just walk up to a stranger and give it away from free but buy this instead"

Halochampian2201d ago

Not acquainted with open source are you?

Fishy Fingers2201d ago

That dude sounds like he's knows his shit!

archemides5182201d ago

somebody's a little late, they're already over $1,000,000. just put in 99

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The story is too old to be commented.