PSN PLAY Returns This Month with Four Great Games For the Summer

Posted by Pierre Gravereau // Senior Manager, Digital Distribution:

We’re very happy to announce the return of PlayStation PLAY, our annual summer program showcasing a diverse lineup of great PSN games and special offers. PSN PLAY begins July 24 on PSN when the first game in the lineup becomes available for pre-order, and we have all the info on this summer’s offering.

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Emilio_Estevez2021d ago

Why'd they have to throw in Expendables 2 in there? It probably would have been a no-brainer for me to get them all if that wasn't there.

guitarded772021d ago

Well, if you're PS+ you can get it for $12, and then you'd get $10 back for buying all 4. So it's like getting the game for $2... who knows, it may be fun.

I'm gonna get all 4 CS:GO is a no brainer, Sound Shapes for something new on the Vita and I've been waiting to play Papo & Yo since seeing the E3 demo. I'll go into Expendables with low expectations, then it may turn out to be good.

Emilio_Estevez2021d ago

I do have plus, but I didn't think about adding in the discounts. Thanks, can't go wrong with $2

guitarded772021d ago

No prob... The German/Jew in me can't help but think about getting a deal.

Wizziokid2021d ago

Counter Strike:GO is top of the list for me, is this the same promotion for the EU store?

KillerPwned2021d ago

Gonna preorder Sound Shapes and Counter Strike: GO right away!

LOL_WUT2021d ago

Counter strike hell yeah!

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