Rant Gaming: Fable The Journey: Made for Core-Gamers

A preview of what players can expect from Fable: The Journey. The big question here is whether or not anyone is going to actually play this spin-off from the Fable series.

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StrongMan2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

That's what they said about:

Rise of Nightmares- 54 metascore 320k sales
Kinect Star Wars- 55 metascore 790k sales
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor- 40 metascore 20k sales

Like ALL kinect "core" games Fable: The Journey will be atrocious. I predict a 45 metascore with only 150k sales.

Emilio_Estevez2081d ago

I would say you've got the right idea, but you have to consider it is a Fable game. The Fable name should sell it a bit, but not like the Star Wars name. My guess would be around 500k sales and 60 meta.

Shadonic2080d ago

i hope when they release the second version of kinect its more precise and Ms pushes towards a more hardcore market cause honestly i got more of what i wanted out of my kinect from modders then Microsoft its a great device just that the MS isent really pushing it in the hardcore direction.

Shadonic2080d ago

im still iffy on steel battalion and kinect star wars considering my own experience with the demo was positive and steel battalion worked great once i memorized all the controls and visualized the cockpit

baodeus2080d ago

I think that most people don't like to follow instruction (look at angry Joe youtube video, he just went straight in skipping the instruction. What happen? He said nothings works when he really just swing widely without knowing what he is doing. It is actually pretty funny.)

The old Steel battalion isn't an easy game either (so many buttons to remember).

With that said thought, kinect still need more works.

2080d ago
Shadonic2080d ago

kinect star wars sales arent that bad.