Top 10 Third-Party Characters that Could Appear in the New ‘Super Smash Bros.’

Game Rant's Riley Little writes: "There are many special guest characters that gamers want to appear in the next ‘Super Smash Bros.’, so we compiled a list of 10 that may be making a special appearance in the brawler."

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guitarded772202d ago

Yeah, I'm not clicking through 12 pages to see 10 characters. I stopped at Bomberman. Snake and Cloud are the two bigs that come to mind.

Sono4212202d ago

There's a view all button, try it sometime.

CraigUK2202d ago

You can click "View all" so you dont have to. It isnt really worth it, its not a good list.

Sono4212202d ago

I'm curious about all the obvious things like who's gonna be in the roster, who's coming back, who's new and who's gonna get some tweaks and everything that was said about the characters also goes for stages and items, but i'm also really curious about what they're gonna do with the story mode. I mean yeah brawl's story mode was alright but i'm just curious what they're gonna do this time around.

JBSleek2202d ago

I wonder how many characters total will be included without DLC. I am hoping for 20+ ideally 25+.

Capt-FuzzyPants2202d ago

Well hopefully they just don't dlc at all. Maybe for a stage or something but I really prefer no dlc

Gamerpeanuts2202d ago

I just hope that they leave Ike in the mix...

A7XEric2202d ago

Why the hell do people want even more out of place 3rd party characters in smash...

capjacksparrow2202d ago

Haha Snake and Sonic were my top 2 characters in Brawl. Why wouldn't they?

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The story is too old to be commented.