Portal 2 goes Games on Demand, 50% off sales abound on Xbox Live

Joystiq - Been trying to pick up the Xbox version Portal 2 but haven't managed to open a portal from the couch to your local retailer? Xbox Live has the answer, as Portal 2 is now available on Games on Demand.

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ChunkyLover532174d ago

Its great being a Gold member, especially lately. So many great deals to choose from. They are also offering 50% off of Gears Of War 3 right now as well, just in case anyone was wondering.

aquamala2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Consoles still don't have the map editor and user made maps, probably never will,, with steam summer sale you can prob get this game for $5

StrongMan2174d ago

It seems like MS just looks at the bottom of the barrel of games no one wants and stick a 50% off tag on them. Only the most loyal MS fans will consider this good.