Steve Jobs Calls Microsoft Xbox Head "Inebriated"

CNBC has an article based on a chat with Apple CEO Steve Jobs at last week's MacWorld.

Jim Goldman writes:

I told Jobs that I had sat down with Microsoft's Robbie Bach last week at the Consumer Electronics Show. I mentioned that Bach was particularly optimistic about the new Zune, that it was now a worthy alternative to Apple's iPod.

Asked Jobs: "Was he inebriated? Do you even know anyone who owns a Zune?"

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Marceles3770d ago

damn...them's fightin words

zambrota3770d ago

do you know anyone owning ZUNE?

bubbles for STEVE

WilliamRLBaker3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

lol there must be someone that owns a zune since the zune is 2nd next to ipod in mp3 player sales.

I like my zune i own one yes:)
awesome steve jobs spoof

zambrota3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Zune is the biggest flop of the year.

IPOD owns 90% of the shares in the mp3 market so the rest is irrelevant

season0073770d ago

now you just showed me you are M$bot....

WilliamRLBaker3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

I would consider myself a PS3 fanboy straight from your profile...hmmmmm

edit: I dont include the whole quote because the whole quote makes no sense, you cannot name your self a sonyfanboy or ps3 fanboy and be reasonable....FANBOY and reasonable is a contridiction of terms.

As for that I've seen your anti microsoft and 360 posts before and your not better then me.

season0073770d ago

hmm yea=) why don't you quote the whole sentence...oooo yes, i know it
xbots tend to quote part of the paragraph and claim it whole
they do it all the time =)

IntelligentAj3770d ago

Do you have any data supporting your claim that the Zune is second? If anything I figured it would be Creative Labs Zen or the Sansa Sandisk.

WilliamRLBaker3770d ago

currently looking for the latest sales list...I should edit my comment though, I ment in total sales. I.E ipod has like 80-90% of the market, zune is like in 2nd with total sales...ect

im looking for the sales list as we speak.

Blitzed3769d ago

So, using your description of a fanboy ('FANBOY and reasonable is a contridiction of terms'), and saying Season007 is 'no better than me' when refering to him being a fanboy- you just desribed yourself as 'unreasonable'.

THUNDERMARE3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Actually Creative Lab, Sandisk, and iRiver hold more market share in portable mp3 market than Zune, in worldwide market at least, just to let you know.

Kleptic3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

ah both the iPod and Zune are overpriced queer-sauce (Apple is used to that, its tragic that MS is trying to beat them in that market)...there are hundreds of cell phones that have every bit of the media capabilities, expandable storage, and can actually call people...I have no idea why so many people buy those things...

you can get several Sony Ericcson (not trying to bring Sony into this, there are plenty of other music phones) walkman cell phones, that come with 2gig sticks, will play video and all types of music codecs...accepts album art and all major tags...allows playlists, full library searching, stereo bluetooth if you are into those trendy music headsets now.. plus hundreds of other features...for like 200 bucks unlocked...if you have ATT or a few other carriers in the US, all you do is pop your sim card in and go...

and if you fill up the included card...a 4 gig (4 gig cards range around 50 bucks now at most online stores) or 8 gig is available as of right now...I understand that some Ipod's and zunes get huge as far as storage, so if that is why you need one than great I guess...but I see so many people with iPod nanos that hold 4 gigs or something, and the new 2 gig people...

Skizelli3769d ago

You people find anything and everything to argue about. Who really cares who has what market share? Windows owns over 90% of the operating system market share, but it's not going to stop people like me from using Linux, or an Apple fan from using OS X. It's called "preference." Look it up.

uxo223769d ago

I own a zune, and I really like it a lot. I also own an ipod nano for use when I and working out. I use my zune for watching videos movies and listening to the radio (something you can't do on the ipod with an add on.) I also send my wife songs zune to zune using wireless and also buy songs and sync my zune over a wireless connection.

I guess what's I am saying is steve is starting to sound a bit c0cky. There are some pretty nice features on the zune that are available on the ipod classic. Which makes it appeal to a lot of people. So instead of being a jerk and bragging about the ipod, steve should be adding features like bluetooth and wifi to the ipod before they wake up with the zune BANGING heavily on their back door.

Fat Bastard3769d ago

Do you guys know why the iPod is so successful? Because it brought something new to the table, and was the first or one of the first of its kind. Now, there were mp3 players, but the memory was nowhere near 60 gigs and there weren't many with a nice click wheel and big display screen. Apple is successful cause their products are user friendly and became popular cause they got the start early on. Now, the Zune or some other off brand may be better, but apple already has what it needs to win and the competition doesn't really stand a chance. I have an iPod and love it, but there probably is a better product. It just isn't as popular.

SlappyMcTaint3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

LOL... you still listen to the radio?!?!???


edit: umm, The iPod Touch DOES have WiFi... and you still listen to the radio!! Haaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa

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toughNAME3770d ago

FACT - if Zune was sold in Canada I would have one right now

It's clearly better than the iPod, but I've never felt comfortable with any other MP3 player than the iPod...from what I hear the Zune definitely outranks the iPod.

DRUDOG3769d ago

The real question is: Why did you post this story now?!? This is week old news and the interview wasn't only about the Zune.

BTW, Jobs had me crackin up with that comment. I don't know anybody who owns a Zune or seen anyone with one. I also work in an environment where people embrace new technology and will spend the $$$ to get it.

Kleptic3769d ago

ha you're from Canada?...guess that explains the avatar...j/k, I like hockey too...

a little off the US I would like to sell you Michigan...we don't like it...$50obo and its yours...its close enough it might as well be yours anyway...we still want part of the lakes, but you can have the long as you promise to not allow any University of Michigan or Michigan State University news to ever filter back into the US, I guess you can keep those universities running...shut em down for all I care though...

toughNAME3769d ago

The only thing I know about Michigan is that my city sends its garbage there...and the Detroit Red Wings can keep it:P

Boldy3769d ago

Your comment has been reported by someone that lives in Michigan. Do you honestly think before you say something honestly. If we leave the US we're taken the Great Lakes. To hell with given you them.

iceman29293769d ago

i dont understand why they cant sell it in canada.... i mean, its like if they were to sell it to any of the norther states... plus a little more distance!

Kleptic3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

haha boldy relax...its just some OSU fun...I have lots of family that are Ohio State alum, they are not particularly fond of the universities "up there"...and me being a Penn State alum, I am not particularly fond of them either...

its all in good fun though...if I was serious I would have asked for like $100 firm...and did you really report that comment?...I should sell you on Ebay...

Edit: Holy shat Baldy...just read your need to settle the hell down...I apologize if it was not immediately apparent that it was a joke...and I apologize even further to the fact that you are under the impression that I actually am capable of selling Michigan to Canada..."to hell with you, if you wanna sell Michigan to Canada then we are taking the water too!!" that a joke?...are both of us misinterpreting (sp?..I hate that word) each other's humor?...

it would almost come off as a joke if reading only that...but the rest your pm would make it sound like I am currently sitting down with France and Canada to make this happen...


CloudFFVII3769d ago

Im in Canada too, and ive always wanted a zune. My first mp3 player was an iPod and it died on me three times (Good thing I bought the extended warranty). Now I have a Samsung YP-K3 and its freaking awesome. Its shiny, nice touch pad and real easy to use, and I got it on boxing day for $200 less than the iPods of the same size.

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Iron Man 23770d ago

Apple's products are high quality and top notch,just like Sony's products

LOL The Zune sucks,everybody I know(including myself)owns an Apple Ipod

Steve Jobs is the man!;)

toughNAME3770d ago

how do you know it sucks if you and everyone you know don't even have one?

**your Sony obsession is absolutely pathetic

kewlkat0073769d ago

That is one Funny comment.

I went through 4 Ipods from 2nd Generation to the 5th. s a matter of Fact Ipods IMO are not the best MP3 players. Apple just does a great job with it's marketing and elegance of its products.

Like Sony all their sh!t is over-priced for no damn reason.

Kleptic3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

seriously?...Apple products are the most overpriced redundant crap on the market...

" this thing for more pay more for something that does the exact same things, and in a lot of cases marginally worse, as other stuff available...and you can't upgrade them!...isn't this awesome? when it gets a little old, you have to start all over!!! works with our home works when the battery wears out in our works when the touch screen in our iPhone gets totally shalacked with face grease and won't work anymore"...

seriously guys...become better consumers...Apple sucks...stop buying iPods and that little fruit of a company will just go on its way straight to hell...that is where it belongs...

don't ever compare Apple to Sony by the way...Sony at least gives you choices with their electronics...Apple has yet to give anyone something that is truely ahead of its time, except of course the very first line of home computers they made...

can't wait for an Apple TV...the has a 50" screen...the word "plasma" in the description...720p resolution, not the best on the market, but at the average...yet has an "extremely user friendly UI...that just works!"...$7,000 MSRP...unrealistic?...actually think about the stuff they sell so well right now...its not as off as it would seem...

travelguy2k3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

The Zune can be compared to Halo, not the best, but the best there was... it is now popularized because it is "HALO". The same can be said if the IPOD it was the best. Now there are good altenatives, no one has stated these "alternatives" are better, only just as good.

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season0073770d ago

i commented on william solely because he is ignorant....
not by a single chance that i am pro ipod...ipod ain't that good afterall...