Why You Shouldn’t Troll in Battlefield 3

We all have our moments, you see a helpless player on the enemy team and you just want to mess around with your prey before giving them the punch. Well, Youtuber Bigredmat13 did as such, only…it didn’t exactly end in his favor. Checkout the video below.

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Irishguy951983d ago

I hate when you get yourself killed in such a retarded way

MattyG1983d ago

I don't get it. all I see is a dumbass.

moparful991983d ago

Why the hell did he jump in the water? That was a major fail. I would have waited for him to climb the ladder and shanked him or something..

yoyo121211983d ago

It was obviously a accident

SJPFTW1983d ago

troll fail? more like hand eye coordination fail. srsly

ShadowKingx1983d ago

This topic is fail. Who cares. You play a game to have fun.

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