PS3's gone all this time without any region locked games. So why has it happened now?

GamesRadar - Unlike Xbox 360, PS3 managed to get almost seven years into its life before any of its games were region locked. But it's finally happened – Atlus' new brawler Persona 4 Arena is going to be the first game that will only work on PS3 consoles from the same region the game is being sold in. The news has angered the internet, which has become accustomed to not only getting PS3 games earlier by importing, but sometimes cheaper too. But now, US gamers won't be able to get it earlier, and Japanese gamers won't be able to get it cheaper. So Atlus has responded with a press release – the content of which pretty much amounts to: "We are really, really sorry, and it won't happen again. Sorry, bye. Sorry".

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Godmars2902230d ago

Has more to do with Japanese gamers importing the Western which will likely be cheaper than the other way around.

sinncross2230d ago

Actually this is a really good point.

Looking at CODMW3 atm, the US version is much cheaper to purchase in Japan (well off an online site at least) than the actual Japanese versions.

nukeitall2229d ago

I always thought it wasn't even possible to region lock on PS3 games.

GillHarrison2230d ago

The releases are about a month apart, it's to prevent reverse importation.

hellvaguy2230d ago

I dont get why you would want a game thats in a foriegn language. I mean how would you even navigate the menus?

GillHarrison2230d ago

A fighting game doesn't really require much knowledge of a foreign language to get the game running

baldulf2230d ago

Both USA and JAP versions are multilanguage, that's why.

Hicken2230d ago

Some people in the world know more than one language, too. Sometimes, they prefer certain things in a certain language, even if it's not their native one.

Sometimes, it's just cheaper.

Whitefox7892230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

You would actually be surprised in Japanese games Menu's are in English however all other forms of text such as in story mode, victory quotes, or move lists use some form of Japanese scripting: Kanji, Hiraganan or Katakana (Persona 4 Arena being an exception since I believe the JPN copy has the option for English text like Arc System Works Previous Fightning Games Blazblue series)

And what better example of what I mean then the Persona 4 Arena Main Menu :D

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Summons752230d ago

I can understand wanting to import games that are not leaving Japan if you know the language, but I don't understand why you would want to import a game that is coming out literally a month later in your respective language. Can't wait for P4: Arena or P4 Golden...just wish they would put P4 on the psn like the did with P3.

Oh yeah ANNOUNCE P5 already pleasee

Whitefox7892230d ago

The region locking is more for their own home territory since a brand new copy of P4A in Japan is $90 where someone can wait in Japan for literally 12 days for the U.S. version where they can import it for $30 cheaper.

The region locking probably wouldn't of come up if the release for the U.S. and EU versions weren't so close to the Japan release date.

JPN Release Play Asia Price:
Asian Release Play Asia Price:
JPN Release Special Edition:

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