Go ahead and add Borderlands to the list of amazing PS Vita games that no one wants to make

GamesRadar - Wouldn't it be great to have Borderlands 2 on PS Vita? Yes it would. And speaking to attendees at the recent PC and Indie games show Rezzed, boss of Borderlands dev Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, made it clear he thinks so as well: "One of the things I wish Sony would do is get behind Borderlands, because I'd love to see a Vita version of the game." Hey, so would we. This sounds promising.

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2228d ago
flyingmunky2228d ago

Sony should create a studio specifically for the purpose of porting high demand games from the ps3 to the vita. If third party studios are willing to put their games in Sony's hands then Sony should capitalize on that opportunity.

If I could play borderlands both on the vita and ps3 and have them share save files in the cloud it would be worth buying the game twice if necessary.

Series_IIa2228d ago

I just don't see the sense in putting full blown games onto handheld devices.

I'd rather play smaller games so I can just switch on and play for about 40 minutes and come back later without havign to remember what i was going, where I was upto etc and without having the unit get baking hot after 3 hours then the battery dying on you and wait until I got home to play on my couch and big TV.

one2thr2228d ago

Pokemon is/was a full blown game and I guarantee that a countless amount of people have put a countless amount of hours or even days into beating and or advancing in Pokemon...
Full blown hand held games a what's needed seeing that handhelds are also a video gaming console as well...
And if Borderlands is capable of running, then why shouldn't it be on the handheld, in this case PSVita?...

MasterCornholio2228d ago

The point if a handheld is to be able to play full blown games while on the go. If what you want are cheap games like Angry birds then your best best is Android or iOS. Google is going to release a pretty good tablet called the Nexus 7 which is worth looking at if you want quick and cheap games while on the go. I'm mostly buying it to run emulators since the Tegra 3 chip is more than capable of running N64 and SNES games.


BlackIceJoe2228d ago

Maybe that is what you want but a lot of people want more then just short games. I my self so would love to see games like the Elder Scrolls on the Vita. Just the other day I was outside & thinking it would be great to take in the sun & at the same time play some great games. I would gladly go handheld only if I knew I could play these games outside. I really do not care about better graphics. So being able to go to the beach enjoying the breeze & playing games like Borderlands 2. Would be awesome for me.

Sanquine902228d ago

You just earned a trophy for the best comment of the day. When i read your comment and come to the part of the elder scrolls. I was like WAUW this guy is a fucking genius! Thanks for being awesome

CaptCalvin2228d ago

I just don't see all these "pickup and play" arguements being relevant anymore. Games nowadays have checkpoints within 5-10 minutes intervals, and you can put the system on standby or press the home button and pick up right where you left off later.

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SandWitch2228d ago

I started reading and my brain predicted this title as "Go ahead and add Borderlands to the list of upcoming PS Vita games", I got hyped and then I finished reading. I hate my brain pretty much.

CommonSenseGamer2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I'm still not convinced the Vita will succeed. Full of (gaming) potential yes but has limited consumer appeal in the age of multi-purpose devices. Its like releasing a $400 phone (the Vita cost $400 for the wifi version in NZ) that is just a phone and not everything else phones have become. Phone purists might talk it up but I doubt it would sell.

Sony could have at least put in a decent camera and had native video playback for multiple formats. Given it wider appeal without compromising its gaming capabilities.

I'm still giving the Vita 12 months before I decide as I got burnt with the Go. However, right now the Vita has almost no momentum due to a real lack of quality games. Yes they are coming as they keep listing them but until they are released, reviewing/playing well, they are just wishful thinking. I recall buying the original PSP because Sony sold me on Gran Turismo mobile...had to wait 4 years and in the end it had gimped gameplay.

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