Is the Xbox 360 worth Buying?

In a recent article a source who has worked on the Xbox 360 project for many years has shed some light on a lot of the problems and faults that are surrounding the 360. Unfortunately for the owners the article brought shame to their beloved consoles and proved that most of the faults could have been avoided if a little patience and smarts had been applied.

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gamesR4fun3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

it makes the 360 sound desperate doesnt add anything we didnt already know and its not a major site.

edit as much as i love a good flame war ;)

mikeslemonade3684d ago

The four games that this article list on why you should own a 360 is Assasins Creed, Call of Duty 4, Oblivion, and Halo 3. Three of those are multiplatform games and COD4 is arguably better than Halo 3. If you haven't already bought a 360 when the good games were coming out then why buy it now. When the PS3 will finally have better games in 2008 than 360's 2008 lineup you're going to buy a 360? That's like owning yourself or doing yourself a disfavor. And 10% failure rate is not fact it could be higher or lower? Nonetheless 360 hardware is still faulty and that's 10% for the newer skus that came out 3 months ago so that percentage is bound to rise. And then the red rings is the only issue that is covered with the 3 year warranty. If you get a disc read error 366 days after you bought it tough luck because now you only have console that can play arcade games.

Hatchetforce3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

I agree that excepting HALO 3, all of the other games listed are multiplatform. They also conveniently wash over the fact that outside of the failure rate, you also have to pay for LIVE. This amount has to be factored in not as a one time buy but for the suspected life of the console. If I expect to actively be using my 360 for 4 years that is $200 right there.

MS has this narrow minded and idiotic view that if you are not shelling out cash on the day of purchase then it must be free, right? They use the same idea with this entire points purchasing stupidity as well. They love to make it look like you are not paying for things. Add to that the fact you get a whopping 20GB HDD of which half you can't use. Whoopty do. Download about 4 demos and some videos and the damn HDD is gone.

Genuine3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Am I the only person that has noticed this. The story was submiitted by a Sony fanboy and tipsed by a person called ps3vault, to a suspicious website called 360vault. Looks like we can add this website to the list of Sony Nazi created websites that spread anti-360 propaganda, right next to Gamersblorg and PSU.

Just look at the news section of this "so called" 360 fansite. Hell there is even ps3 news taken from PSU in there.

gamesR4fun3684d ago

this made it well guess it is a legit story... Even if I dont like it ;)

me/ settles around the fire to roast some kubasa and drink a few cold ones anyone thirsty?

marionz3684d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

and i hate the way sony fanboys think games suck if they are on 360
i personally have had no problems with my 360

games worth owning a 360 for:

blue dragon
viva pinata
gears of war
banjo kazooin
dead rising
halo 3

and heaps more

for the price yes its worth owning a 360, but i guess i can say that without hesitation because ive never had a failure with my console, but if i do ill claim insurance and get an elite so its no big deal to me, i would rather have another 360 then a ps3 considering how many games ive bought, but ill probably get a ps3 in the future when theres another price drop and a few more good games

quck sony fans hit the disagree button! sony fans on this site are pathetic, i have a mind of my own unlike the lemmings out there, and for me yes it was a good perchase

oh surprise surprise posted and tipsed by sony fanboys, well i guess thanks to sony fans the 360 is probably the most googled console of all time!

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SuperSaiyan43684d ago

Not anymore, the latest Xbox 360's are falcons and all have hdmi as well, oh and the amount of games on the Xbox 360 surpass any other console of this gen.

Toxic Shock3684d ago

Well the main selling point for the 360 is it's not a PS3.

Wingnut263684d ago

That's gotta be the best reason to buy the 360...EVER!! Cause we know it's not for what it is. Pile of junk hardware, great software.

kevoncox3683d ago

Better than peiced of crap hardware...wack software.

Wingnut263683d ago

I think you are talking about the X360 in it's first year with that comment there.

LastDance3683d ago

Good games?


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Shadow Flare3684d ago

Halo sells the 360, not games

mintaro3684d ago

bioshock? mass effect? just to name some games that arent halo

mindedone3684d ago

How in the world did you get disagrees? Last time I checked those videogames were not Halo...with what are you people disagreeing?

killinet2473684d ago

correction to that ...RRoD sells the 360 ( people buy 2 so they hope they will always have one until the day they both RRoD on them at the same time). Don't take this seriously its a joke haha

Jandre023684d ago

Neither Mass Effect or Bioshock sell systems. LOL

Uncharted has a higher attach rate than both those games.

Bioshock was outsold by both Assassins Creed and COD4 on the PS3.

Halo 3 sells Xbox360's. Everyone who bought Mass Effect and Bioshock bought the system for Halo 3.

Funny though. Last year Xbox360 had Mass Effect, Bioshock, and PGR4. I dont think Xbox360's exclusives were that impressive after all. All they did was get some multiplatform games, but that was it.

Lol thats kinda funny isnt it? All this talk about this "AMAZING LIBRARY" but when you think about it, it isnt, atleast in comparison to the PS3's

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P4KY B3684d ago

And I don't care.
I still love the 360

GrooveChampion3684d ago

That almost sounds like pride.

kurochi3684d ago


You must be one dumb customer... You and MS must be par-taking in a 69 position slobber-fest in the back-shed on the farm huh.....

Can't believe it... on your 4th one and you still get on your knees for MS.... Unbelievable.....

gamesR4fun3684d ago (Edited 3683d ago )


sad to see a 360 go four times m8

Still think you should either buy a second 360 or better yet a ps3....

Raptors3684d ago

I feel the same way. While Im super disappointed at how crappy the quality of the system is I still love my 360.

Grown Folks Talk3684d ago

about 60% of the guys had multiple PS2s. Wait a minute... I forgot, only the 360 had issues. PS2s were never faulty. = }

GrooveChampion3683d ago

PS2's were faulty early on, and eventually got fixed. I think that any PS2 early adopter could tell you that it sucked and Sony deserved any crap they got for it. Just as much as MS deserves the crap we give it now. I see the difference being that for some reason an alarmingly large amount of people have gone through numerous consoles and believe to some extent that it's acceptable.

I stopped after my second one came back from Texas with a broken DVD drive. But perhaps I'm just not as dedicated as others.

To be honest, if it wasn't so widespread it probably wouldn't be lingering as long as it is.

Iron Man 23683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Brainwashed much?

The only place where the Xbox 360 is worth buying is in the Xbox fanboys dreams!;)

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Rattles3684d ago