IGN - Ten Characters We Want in PlayStation All-Stars

IGN - We already know ten characters on the roster of Battle Royale. So which ten do we think should come next?

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-Mezzo-2170d ago

'Ezio' in Playstation All-Star would be a dream come true.

SpaceFox2170d ago

Anybody else wanna see a character from FFX? Tidus would be sweet, but so would Yuna if she could summon Aeons. Or maybe Auron even.

danimitsu2170d ago

if Tidus is n this game I will burn my eyes right out

ElasticLove2170d ago

Needs more "Playstation" related characters. Third-party characters are fine, but too many will ruin the game (at least for me).

HebrewHammer2170d ago

Couldn't agree more. Snake and Crash are all I'll take from 3rd parties from here on.

WeskerChildReborned2170d ago

I thought the game at first was suppose to be only Playstation related characters. They better not leave out Jak, Ratchet, or Cole cause they deserve spots in the game too.

GaryOak2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

I want Snake!
Off topic:According to Andrisang,MGS4 is finally getting a trophy patch.It's only been 4 years.

dgonza402170d ago

If you check the voice actors imbd, he's listed as playing a voice in the game.
So he's probably in it

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