Next Final Fantasy XIV Update in August

Our next major status update on Final Fantasy XIV's 2.0 reboot will come in mid August, producer and director Naoki Yoshida revealed in an interview with Dengeki PlayStation this week.

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Lavalamp1930d ago

I can't help but admire Yoshida's organization. The guy knows how to maintain a constant level of dialogue with the public and he's getting the game back on track. Nomura may have creative talent, but Yoshida's got the production and leadership skills that Square Enix needs to emulate across the board.

Reibooi1930d ago

Yeah it's amazing how open he has been. I have to tell you after years of Final Fantasy XI it's very refreshing to see him be so open about XIV and the issues that plague it and how he intends to deal with them.

I know people have said over and over that MMO's don't get a second chance but I think there is a really good chance that FFXIV will survive just because Yoshida is at the helm.

Crystallis1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

I can almost smell the ps3 beta release.

"Visuals are getting a major revamp for 2.0. From the planning stages, that team has put effort into real time shadows and lighting. Dengeki was apparently shown the game running on a non-gaming notebook PC, which allowed Yoshida to assure that the PS3 version would look pretty much the same."

If they can pull that off, WOW!. I know there will be some ram limitation on the PS3 version but I'm so excited for this game.

MaideninBlack1930d ago

Looking forward to the PS3 beta. I want to try the male Mithras.

UnitSmiley1930d ago

I want this to do well because I would like it to be a testament that mmos with a failed launch can turn things around. Also, because i'm a big FF fan :p

Can't wait for the PS3 beta!