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chriski3332174d ago

This looks great much better then the first one this and battlefield is all i need

Andreas-Sword2174d ago

yes, MoH: Warfighter looks better than MoH 1.
The gameplay is pretty amazing!

Ken222174d ago

I promised to myself BF3 would be my last FPS to buy but this trailer isn't helping me ahhhhh :D.

one2thr2174d ago

Yes they kept the "Kill Chain", which is better than a kill streak reward in my opinion, and I believe that I seen the cruise missle is a part of the chain as well... I'm getting two copies Pc+Ps3

JohnApocalypse2174d ago

This looks like fun. I hope this will be its own thing instead of trying to be like Modern Warfare like the last one

Hufandpuf2174d ago

it looks like a mix between left 4 dead, Far Cry 3, and Cod. All in the beautiful Frostbite 2 engine.

JohnApocalypse2174d ago

This should look better then Battlefield 3 since the maps will be allot smaller

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The story is too old to be commented.