Wii Fit Meditation Commercial

Kotaku: Look, Nintendo, you're making money, you're selling units, we're happy for you. But what the hell is this? A sitting still contest? Sitting painfully on a small plastic brick is not fun. It's not even fit. It's bullshit.

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ngg123453379d ago

A 100 $ place mat? Not to be angry, but this is truly the biggest gimmick I've ever seen.

Iron Man 23379d ago

OMG Wiifit is so lame,how can this thing possibly outsell other great games in Japan?

I seriously hope this thing flops in North America

INehalemEXI3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

You don't even need a game shark, just a brick or cinder block... Then try not to laugh when your folks try to break your record. This would work well for like Kengo though.

Intrepid3379d ago

There is a market out there that will enjoy this. Just ignore it if you're not into it.

IntelligentAj3379d ago

What in the hell is this??? Are they really going to market this as a game?

Intrepid3379d ago

There are such things as non-games. This and Endless Ocean are examples. Read what I said above.

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