ACE: NBA Ballers Beats Xbox 360 Kinect Hands-On

ACE: NBA Ballers Beats is the first basketball game for the Kinect. Using your body and a real basketball, the game requires players to dribble and do different moves to the beat of music. The game will ship with an official NBA basketball (no price point was mentioned at E3). There are more than 30 licensed tracks in the game spanning genres from hip hop to classic rock. Each of the games songs can be played on multiple difficulties.

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StrongMan2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

This is a desperate attempt at grasping for straws with Kinect games. What parent is going to let little Timmy bounce a basketball in the living room?

ChunkyLover532144d ago

If they have hard wood floors and own a Kinect, I don't see a problem with it.

I still doubt this does very well, but you never know. Years ago I'm sure we never thought we'd be using plastic replica musical instruments for gaming, or weird looking fake plastic guns that hold motion controllers ect.... The list goes on and on.

Shadonic2144d ago

i don't think its desperate attempts there's many more possibilities that of different unique games that can be made. I'm not sure but i do believe some basketball player paid for this game to be created so its not really a big studio idea its more of some guy with money wanted a game. Still i dont believe its grasping at straws considering the market is still good and there's still a lot of different games that could be made most of such games have been already produced on PC with kinect so yea.

Shadonic2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

So its kinects fault because someone had a horrible idea for a game that wouldn't gain any profit rather it be on a controller the PC or move this game idea is horrible.

JBSleek2144d ago

So do we blame nVidia and AMD when bad PC games are made? No so why blame the hardware for a bad software choice?

Shadonic2144d ago

wow this was a horrible idea not even remotely kinects fault just a bad idea for a game.

Ben_Grimm2144d ago

Where could you play this at? i certainly cannot play a game like this in my living room.

This will definitely see limited sales.

Tonester9252144d ago

Maybe this can be played at youth basketball practice on a projector or something.