Burnout Paradise PS3 vs Xbox 360 Comparison HD from Gametrailer

HD comparison of Burnout Paradise for the PS3 and Xbox360 from

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TheHater3744d ago

Once you start playing, I don't think anyone would care about which version have the better graphic. This game is fun, and that all that should matter. But I guess some people actually will care about which version look better.

zambrota3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

that ps3 version has the graphical edge

and runs faster 60fps vs 40/50 fps

ps3 version has a more stable framerate too.

Gametrailers tweaked almost all ps3 vs xbox 360 comparisons and ofcourse how can you compare when ps3's max setting is HDMI 1.3 and only some xbox 360s support till HDMI 1.2 ONLY

Here is what IGN recommended --PS3 version

@marionz i dodnt need to trust you cuz i know that xbox 360 version has inferior graphics/much lower framerate and less stable FR too

I work for babellgames france. I tried both versions

marionz3744d ago

the framerate is not that different! 60fps vs 40 50 fps? i dont know how you came up with that but after playing both versions i couldnt see any difference so trust me its not 60 vs 40 or 50! i hate made up facts

zambrota3744d ago

i didnt say anything

IGN did right on your top

LINK posted again for relief-


TheExecutive3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Hey I wanted to clear something up in as nice of a way as i know how. THe fact is is that you can hardly compare HDMI 1.3 to 1.2 because less than 1% of the HD tv's as of today use it. In fact 1.3 is a huge marketing scheme and apparently too many ppl have bought into it. I am a huge ps fan but when it comes to 1.3 it was a little "too future" proof. We wont see the benefits of 1.3 until the ps4 comes out...

On the subject, burnout is amazing no matter which way you cut the pie, so lets all thank criterion for making an awesome game instead of pointing fingers... seriously everyone, lets get over the petty fanboyism and realize that this game could have been just another installment. They went further than expected and got great results. Thank you for pushing the envelope Criterion.

Once again i dont mean any disrespect to you, we all live and learn.

Guwapo773744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

THe fact is that you can hardly compare HDMI 1.3 to 1.2 because less than 1% of the HD tv's as of today use it. In fact 1.3 is a huge marketing scheme and apparently too many ppl have bought into it. I am a huge ps fan but when it comes to 1.3 it was a little "too future" proof. We wont see the benefits of 1.3 until the ps4 comes out...

The Executive - you've always had well informed information on this website. But this time you have made a mistake my friend. There is actually a huge difference between HDMI 1.2 and HDMI 1.3. There is NO difference at this time when it comes to video games. When it comes to movies there is a world of difference. PS3 excels in this area when it comes to video and audio playback. HDMI 1.3 smooths out color transition to where it is virtually undetectable (term called Deep Color able to have over a billion colors at it disposal). Also takes the max hz from 60 to 120. So the screen refresh rate is doubled, which in turn eliminates screen shudder. As for the Audio...Lossless, Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD Master Audio, and I believe uncompressed PCM falls in that category too but not 100% certain. All of this is only possible with HDMI 1.3

Your next question is probably do I even own or need of all that? Hell yeah...7.1 Surround Sound in my crib. Only thing lacking now is the 1.3 TV... Onkyo SR 705 is one hell of a receiver. If your looking to upgrade for cheap that is the one.

Finally, there is no reason at all to wait for the PS4 to enjoy HDMI 1.3 now. It is truly up to the developers to implement this glorious technology the PS3 can provide now. But to see Lossless audio in a game at this time is asking too much I believe.

InMyOpinion3744d ago

HDMI is BS. It does not have better picture quality than component cable. There is no difference.

check the vid.

Biphter3744d ago

HAHAHAHAHAAA!! How can you justify a comparison of HDMI to Component with a piss poor low res video from GT? And worse still, a video that was just a way of back pedalling the fact that they do all their comparisons on Component. They were trying to cover their back and say its ok to use component, when its a common fact that PS3 works at its BEST through HDMI. This video shows jack sh!t at this poor level of detail. I also think their HDMI capturing hardware DOESNT support the Full RGB and Super White modes.

I have seen the difference with my own two eyes on my own TV with my own PS3. I took a component cable and hooked it up to my Samsung HDTV and PS3, the picture looked washed out and a little fuzzy. Plugged in HDMI and saw a difference, it was a little more dark on the blacks and no fuzz. I'd put that down to HDMI being pure digital with no degredation effecting the signal where as Components Digital to analogue conversion induces noise over the coax cables.

BUT, then I set Full RGB and Super White modes on in the PS3 settings menu.. BAM.. contrast and detail levels as well as colour details improved DRASTICALLY even over the standard HDMI setting. All this on the SAME screen. I didn't change any settings on the TV at all. You can't use Full RGB and Super White over Component on the PS3 so they definately AREN'T using it when they do their "Tests".

The problem is not ALL TV's support full RGB and Super White so if you turn it on it might not even show (or even look worse, like really dark). My Samsung was manufactured in October 2006, I would hazard a guess and say if you have a TV thats 1 to 2 years old it should work.

My point, as well as many others have said, is that GT do their comparisons to favour the Xbox 360. What they SHOULD do is take the best levels of each console, otherwise, they might as well plug them both into Composite at 480i because by default thats what PS3 comes packaged with, so the Xbox 360 should be downgraded to that level.

GT lost all credibility when they finally admitted what every PS3 owner was saying. They don't use HDMI or Ful RGB/Super White, so they don't turn on the full potential of the PS3. Xbox 360 was designed for Component and VGA, and it show because it looks alot better than PS3 in this mode. But the PS3 was designed to use HDMI to its full potential, and when you turn on all the extra features HDMI provides along with a modern TV, you're in for a totally different experience, for the better.

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toughNAME3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Visually it's hard to say, I couldn't tell a difference

I could tell the different between the two different 360 versions...although that doesn't really help

But from the reviews/comparisons done SO FAR I'm still pretty sure I'm *renting* the best version

DrPirate3744d ago

I couldn't tell any giant differences either.

robbo9183743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I am a die hard Sony fan, not delusional though. I don't feel they looked THAT different from each other. I think we should all be a bit more miffed that the game could have and should have looked better overall period. Something about this version of Burnout isn't exciting me and I haven't figured out why.

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ngg123453744d ago

Followed up by VGA Xbox 360. Component looks terrible for both consoles.

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