The Walking Dead Creator Says an FPS is "Pointless"...And He's Right

Back in March, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman said that a shooter based on the series "would be pointless". Cassidee from talks about his comments, and how he's absolutely right.

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TimeSkipLuffy2171d ago

I actually think a "The Walking Dead" à la Fallout 3 would be great ^^

VanillaBear2171d ago

YES....that would be good

I mean you have to search for ammo, supplies, weapons anyway in Fallout so the same would applie to the Walking I bet the Survival perk they introduced in New Vegas would be a better fit with this game. Hell most of the skills could be assoicated with the Walking Dead....except Energy Weapons....obviously.

For example

Speech - Try to persuade other survivors to help you out or let you live if they ambush you.

Repair - Weapons last longer and you can repair then with the right spare parts.

Medicine - Create better healing products, heal more, more health

and so on...

peowpeow2171d ago

Sounds sort of like a Day Z (with RPG elements) to me, except with NPCs instead of human players

Emilio_Estevez2171d ago

There are a lot of people up in arms about this but I just can't agree with them. While the telltale games are "good" quality, they just aren't fun for me. So this will give me the chance to play a Walking Dead game I might actually enjoy. If people don't want it they don't have to get it/play it.

SeekDev2171d ago

I hope they make it a similar concept to DayZ (except for the fast running zombies).

rdgneoz32171d ago

You might enjoy it but if it ends up like COD, it won't be anywhere close to being true to the source material.

Emilio_Estevez2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

While that's true, there really isn't anything to suggest that it will be like COD.
If anything it will be a Survival Horror type FPS, which could mimic the source materials intent precisely.

CustardTrout2171d ago

I spoke to Charlie Adlard about the walking dead game awhile back (Not the FPS one obviously)
His reaction was perfect:
"Oh, I forgot they did video games of it, should I be getting more money?"

MasterD9192171d ago

They say they are going to try to make it not just about zombie killing...but with Daryl and Merle as the two main leads, we know that's all they will care about.

Merle and Daryl don't really save people. Daryl does now that he is with the group, but Merle wouldn't give a damn about anyone.

If Kirkman actually believed what he said, he wouldn't have allowed them to make this game.