Ouya Open Console Set To Bring Free Indie Gaming To HDTVs - Kickstarter

NowGamer: The latest gaming Kickstarter project could be the most ambitious yet - Ouya, a brand new, $95 console platform.

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jimmins2204d ago

Something that opens up the market to indies even more?

They can gladly take my money.

BlackIceJoe2204d ago

Well this is a good idea. So I hope it will do well.

SandWitch2204d ago

You can connect any Android device to your TV and voila! You can play hundreds of thousands indie games. How is this "console" something new?

Baka-akaB2204d ago

No Thanks . Dont expect my sympathy just because you hide behind the label "indie"

DivineAssault 2204d ago

Its powerful considering the price.. I just hope indy devs dont stop making console games in favor of this.. It will be VERY attractive console for the price especially the casuals.. Hell, if the right kinda games are on it, ill get it for $100..

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