Sony Announces PSN Play

FanCensus says: "Not to be outdone by Microsoft and their Summer of Arcade promotion, Sony have now announced PSN Play 2012 where gamers have the chance to save when purchasing four newly released titles including The Expendables 2, Counter Strike: Global Offence, Papo & Yo and Sound Shapes. As well as offering money back when buying more than one title, gamers who pre-order will also get a free theme of the game. Full details and a trailer below."

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Megaton2148d ago

Console sales seem so quaint now that I've become accustomed to Steam sales.

DragonKnight2147d ago

Don't be an elitist snob. No one likes elitist snobs.

Megaton2147d ago

Don't get it twisted. I wish everyone had access real sales. I'm all about consumers getting as much as possible.

DragonKnight2147d ago

Agreed to that. Always good to find avenues to save money.

Strakken2147d ago

how the hell is he being an elitist snob....

andibandit2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

@Toto Anhililation

Anyone posting something that does not sound like heavenly praise on a Sony article is an Elitist Snob.

Now before i get called the same i have to write that:

Wow Sony does it again!, can always count on them to innovate and drive gaming forwards.
My PS3 has been playing Uncharted 3 since the beginning of time and i've had no hardware failures. Unlike my 360 which became RROD while unboxing it.

PixL2147d ago

If I care about Steam sale, I'll launch the Steam app. This is off-topic and irrelevant. He's a little kiddy troll, that's all.

kikizoo2147d ago

he's not an elitist snob, just a xboxtrololol..

when ps3 has way more exclusives, they say "exclusives don't matter"

when ps3 has the best graphics "graphics dont' matter" or "my pc is way more powerfull"

when psn/psn+ has the best offers (free games, etc) : "steam is the best"

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Strakken2147d ago

42 people haven't seen an annual steam sale

jidery2147d ago

and 4 people haven't seen this years summer sale

Hicken2147d ago

I think it has more to do with those people seeing how irrelevant his comment was to the subject at hand.

What are those Steam sales doing for my Playstation library? Nothing? No point in bringing it up, then.

duplissi2147d ago

yup, ive got about 35 games on steam and collectively over the past 3 years ive only spent about 90 bucks.

xAlmostPro2147d ago

Then you must have about 35 indie games.

I got my pc gaming rig september last year, so i've encountered plenty of sales so far.

I have 39 titles in my steam(only 5 i'd consider indie) and i must have spent at least £125-150 which in dollars is what $200 ish?..

I'm not knocking the value of steam, its fantastic and i've spent way less than i would on console but yeah.

duplissi2146d ago

actually lots of older games.

PirateThom2147d ago

How's the current Steam sale working out for you?

Megaton2147d ago

The midweek madness or the daily deal? Or do you mean the massive summer sale that starts on Thursday?

PirateThom2147d ago

All of the above really.

My PC can't even run most games, but I tend to splash out on Steam sales for the future.

Megaton2147d ago

Midweek is Dungeon Defenders and all of its DLC, which I already own. The daily is some crappy game, but the summer sale should have plenty of things. The big annual sales always deliver. I believe it will be running from the 12th to the 22nd.

nukeitall2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

You just upset the PSN fanboy crowd.

It is true that Steam sales are really good making both offerings on Xbox Live and PSN pale in comparison. It also illustrates how much faster Steam can change with the times, while console makers are still stuck in the ancient age.

Wintersun6162147d ago

OMG, I didn't know I get 45 free games within a year from Steam too! /s

Ducky2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

You don't get free games from PSN to begin with.

Wintersun6162147d ago

OMG, I didn't know I get 45 games for 50€ within a year from Steam too! /s

Fixed, happy now? :)

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showtimefolks2148d ago

sony is on a roll with give backs we have had 15 games on psn:plus since E3 and now this saving along with full game trials

and maybe many have not noticed but games that launch now are on psn the same day, i think going forward into ps4 we will see every game launch on psn along with retail stores.(and maybe psn game you can download 24hrs before launch if you pre order compare to going to a store to get one)

ChunkyLover532148d ago

They seem to be doing a good job at pulling a Trojan Horse with the digital content.

SandWitch2148d ago

Trojan Horse? How is that Trojan Horse exactly?

ChunkyLover532147d ago


Well its pretty clear that Sony wants everything digital, its pretty obvious that is going to be the future at some point. Remember the PSPGO? That failed because people stood up and refused to get digital only, the thing was expensive too, but most of the outrage was over the digital only format.

Now, we see Sony "offer" games digitally with PSN+, it is clearly an attempt at getting people used to downloading games in this manner.

They also buy a streaming service, the same people who were bashing Onlive and other services like that, are now firmly on board?

Offering people the chance to download games the day they release digitally as well?

Its all a clever way for people to accept digital content over a physical product.

Its clearly a huge push from Sony to go all digital.

Tonester9252147d ago

“But Sony decided against a download-only model largely because Internet connections are too inconsistent around the world, one of the people familiar with Sony’s thinking said. Because game files are large, customers in countries where Internet connections are relatively slow would be hobbled by a requirement to download games, the person said.”

showtimefolks2147d ago

i don't think next gen consoles will be all digital but one has to think if there is a ps5 and a xbox 1440(lol) than those will be all digital.

for many of us who started from day one with psn we know how much it has changed/improved. So going forward PSN will be a big deal for sony.

but i think we will see sony/ms offer almost all their games on their store front and who know think of this:

You can buy a game full24-48hrs before it launches in retail stores if you pre order on psn/xboxlive

Stores get exclusives DLC so why can't it be for psn/xblive and for 1st/2nd party titles exclusive content that will only be available to those who buy from psn/xblive

Competitive prices and real time sales like buy 2 get one free.

pre order 2 and get 30% off your next purchase etc,,,,

so a lot of possibilities let's see where the future takes us

Hicken2147d ago

You're trying too hard.

None of this is new. For years, Sony has been supporting digital; the start was by having an easy-to-upgrade HDD. And I don't know how many times Sony has to say digital-only is a bad idea before you get it through your skull that they're NOT going for all-digital gaming any time soon.

It's actually pretty clear that Sony wants people to have options. It's also pretty clear that you only want to say what supports your claim, and pretend that what disputes it doesn't exist.

Try again.

TekoIie2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )


I think the point is that they're progressively trying to get it to happen.

Personally think all digital is a bad idea. I know this is a worst case scenario but imagine if the outage occured and the PS3 was digital only. All PS3 game sales would have frozen for a month and that should be enough of a reason for them to see this is a bad idea. Not trying to single out Sony with this because it would be devastating to both MS and Ninty if it happened to their online service and were in the same situation.

dcbronco2147d ago

Sony clearly said they were concerned about internet connections. Not space or anything else. They know that all of the other things can be gotten around easily. Once you have a 10mbs connection in a home, physical is more no longer a necessity for everyone.

People need to understand that it is far cheaper for a company to provide a digital service than it is a physical service. Sony would no longer have to pay distributor, a retail mark-up, for a disc, for the disc license, for the transportation of the disc, the storage of the disc, for replication of the game, for mastering the replication disc and for packaging and box art.

Digital just involves taking care of a server. Some will tell you that servers are just as expensive. But remember that Sony provides thousands of servers for people to play games online for free. So how much is it to provide servers for downloading games. People that say servers are just as expensive come in two categories. Those that don't understand all of the cost involved in the two ways of providing access to games. And those trying to charge you the same price for a physical disc and a digital copy.

Since many believe the cost are similar, Sony and every other game console maker badly wants to go all digital. Because if they can and keep the prices close, they will make a ton of extra money.

nukeitall2147d ago


"Remember the PSPGO? That failed because people stood up and refused to get digital only, the thing was expensive too, but most of the outrage was over the digital only format."

It didn't just fail because of refusion to digital and pricing. It was far more than that including inferior product at a significantly higher price tag than their other product, PSP-3000. To top it off, the support was abysmal and PSP Go customers was treated as second class citizen despite paying more. The PSP itself was considered to have poor support, but the PSP Go was even worse. It was destined to fail with that kind of support!

Digital only clearly works on iPhones, Android devices, Steam and so on so there clearly is a market for that. I think the main issue is that console manufacturers still need retailers to sell your console, and they ain't gonna be happy about selling a product that is money sink for the customer they don't get a cut out that retailers used to get a cut out of.

dcbronco2147d ago

Retailers don't have to be cut out. They can have kiosk in their stores that download games to a thumbdrive.

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Cajun Chicken2148d ago

To be honest, only Sound Shapes interests me here and that's because of the UGC.

C0MPUT3R2148d ago

They did play last year.

JohnApocalypse2147d ago

So sound shapes is coming to PS3. Another reason not to buy a Vita

DragonKnight2147d ago

*facepalm* We see you trollin'

FunAndGun2147d ago

you caught him ridin dirty!

JohnApocalypse2147d ago

I'm serious, that game looked like a system seller

ginsunuva2147d ago

You forgot patrollin....

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