American No More Heroes Manual Is A Black & White Disappointment

Kotaku reports: "The Japanese manual for No More Heroes is great. Done in a vibrant manga/comic book style, it's the kind of icing that Suda's cooky, delicious cake of a game deserved. The American manual, however, is a cheap pile of crap. Black & white paper, boring instructions, it's the Bert to the Japanese version's Ernie. Was saving a buck or two on printing costs really worth the inevitable disappointment, Ubisoft?"

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TruthbeTold3798d ago

The game is awesome though. I'd trade an elaborate/cool manual for blood on this type of game any day.

Brian52473798d ago

Now Kotaku scores manuals? =/

superman3797d ago

Anything to bring the WII down.

Amagai Shuusuke3797d ago

The games getting solid reviews.
Hope to pick it up soon.

Ureval3797d ago

Whu??? Its a manual. Youre gunna look at it like... 2, 3 times tops?

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The story is too old to be commented.