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G4MERS: "Demo has fulfilled its role - gave to kidnap the euphoria accompanying the entire game, and as it turns out, I've been cut on the cheap marketing ploy, I came into possession of that game, and i regred it."

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sypher2228d ago

So basically they reviewed the entire game based on the demo? I'm confused...

Hicken2228d ago

I... think...?... they reviewed the demo..? And they found it wanting. But I'm not exactly sure...

Raider692228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

HE reviewed the entire game!The game is region free on the PS3 and 360 with english voices and subs too,its been released this week on japan!I myself got the game on torrents for my jtag 360 and i score it a 8/10.Its another great brawler made from P*GAMES.TO bad Sega its only releasing it to western markets next year!SO the only way to play it for western audience people is imported from japan were its very expensive,or get a a jtag or Rgh console to play it!

ShaunCameron2228d ago

The author's math is a bit off. If you add up all the review scores and divide it by 5 it comes out a 6/10.

iamlegend99992228d ago

Your crazy. I would give this game an 8. This game is crazy fun.

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