Game Planet: Sony Personal 3D Viewer Review

Game Planet: Matt straps the future to his face, and takes a look at Sony's highly optimised 3D experience, a headset for 3D games and movies. It turns out, the future is not now.

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richierich2198d ago

I bought one of these a few months ago but it didnt live up to my expectations. Using it is just like playing a videogame on a 42inch TV at night with the lights turned off. I was expecting more of a VR experience but I was dissapointed. But the VR prototype that John Carmack made looks promising

mushroomwig2197d ago

'Using it is just like playing a videogame on a 42inch TV at night with the lights turned off'

Isn't that the whole point? It gives you the experience of having a big screen without actually needing one.

phalanx_mark2197d ago

because digital foundry say the effect is like a visit to the cinema

not VR but it offers a very wide field of vision apparently.

"the image stretches out, almost reaching the edges of your vision" (from the DF article)

kneon2197d ago

I tried these and liked it quite a bit, but it's just not worth the price of admission right now. I expect the second generation version to have higher resolution, less bulk and lower weight. I would really like it to be wireless as well so that you aren't tethered to the console. They can put the battery on a belt pack if they want to keep the weight of the headset down.

If they can do that and price it no more than about $300 then they will have a product that many would want to buy.

phalanx_mark2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

i believe it tethers to a processing unit by an 11ft cable. This attaches to your PS3. I don't think it uses a battery pack since its alreay wired but I maybe wrong.