Nintendo Mii’s make iOS debut

D+PAD writes:

In what might be a first for Apple’s App Store, Nintendo’s much loved Mii’s have made their debut in a game that certainly wasn't developed by Nintendo.

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PopRocks3591961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Nice to know that Apple's store encourages blatant theft.

EDIT: Correction; CONTINUES to encourage blatant theft.

Salamander1960d ago

Theft is wrong.. is that Chuck Norris?

PopRocks3591960d ago

Actually if I have to make a guess, John Lennon, Chuck Norris, Steve Urkle and some anime character's granddad.

mushroomwig1960d ago


Looks like the diabetes guy.

LOL_WUT1960d ago

Who cares it's just for one app it's not like Apple developed the game themselves. Also Apple would never use that kiddy stuff they have Game Center.

Gekko1960d ago

I wonder what goes through the minds of developers of these copied Apps. Don't they know that it's illegal and if they're caught they'll be prosecuted and most likely be sued?

Jadedz1960d ago

At least there's some variation between Nintendo's, Sony's, and Microsoft's Mii characters.