Uncharted rip-off called ‘Adventurer’ which is in 1st person perspective looks stunning

"A new game called 'Adventurer' made by a polish studio called The farm51 looks pretty amazing, but the catch here is that it looks a wee bit similar to Uncharted."

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VanillaBear1870d ago

He look everyone it's Sullys younger brother.

Morrigan-Aensland1870d ago

I thought "tomb raider" had a chick for the lead.

irepbtown1870d ago

Am I the only one that thinks the start of the video (the environment) looks a lot like Uncharted Drakes Fortune?

BitbyDeath1870d ago


Tomb Raider does have a chick for a lead.
Are you high?

Mr Logic1870d ago

I think that is just his way of ripping on Uncharted by insisting it's simply Tomb Raider.

Grap1870d ago

so now anything have a jungle. is a rip-off?

badz1491870d ago

Crysis has jungle, the upcoming Far Cry 3 has jungle, BFBC2 has jungle and there are many more games with jungle but do any of them said to be Uncharted rip-off? NO!

this is not about the jungle but just like Unearthed, this is a blatant shameless rip-off!

Drithe1870d ago

Uncharted = Indiana Jones wannabe.

hulk_bash19871869d ago


I would say it was inspired by Indiana Jones and not a direct rip off/wannabe. I challenge you to find a good Indiana Jones game worth playing, that matches the quality of any of the Uncharted games.

Kurt Russell1869d ago

The Indiana Jones game on the old xbox was an awesome game hulk_bash1987. It doesn't share the same graphics what with it being made a generation before, but at the time it looked great and had some amazin brawling physics.

Regardless I think Drithe was referring to the movies of which indiana was a little more famous for ;)

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egidem1870d ago

So many people want the next Uncharted.

VanillaBear, where's Chocolate bear?

VanillaBear1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

He's gone for the week :( ...went to see a Bell Biv DeVoe concert

EDIT below:

Theres some problems but...I'm getting there....I'm getting there

egidem1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Did you finally ever manage to pull off floating-head doctor? XD

EDIT: lol

I'm guessing Body still behaves like he's your boss when you call him? :D I never understood how he'd know you're calling him when he didn't even have ears. Haha, I wish you the best of luck then! :D

guitarded771870d ago

Aww... poop... I want to see BBD in concert!!! That would be dope.

On Topic: The game looks kinda cool even if it is an Uncharted rip off.

mewhy321870d ago

I don't see this as a rip off of uncharted what so ever. Both this game and UC borrow heavily from Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. To say that it's a ripoff of UC isn't accurate. I look forward to this game. It should be a great Adventure. LOL

Army_of_Darkness1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

It clearly is an uncharted rip off. you see the characters and environment and your telling us that its not trying to specifically be like uncharted?! seriously?! I'm sure if this game wanted to "copy" Indiana jones and tomb raider, wouldn't you think they would have released this game at least before, say uncharted 2 came out??

Biggest1870d ago

Had anyone watched that video without the headline they would have immediately said "That was fast. Didn't know they were making an Uncharted FPS!"

Show me one pre-Uncharted Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider game that looks like that. Just one! I dare you.

h311rais3r1870d ago


I seriously was not aware Naughty Dog invented the jungle!! I really must study history more.......

It looks more like an Indiana jones game than uncharted.

Ravens201870d ago

^^^ Well it's obvious that this guy is in denial

extermin8or1870d ago

that scene, looks identical to a scene in drakes fortune when you just find the U-boat in the middle of the amazon....

Machioto1870d ago

@blastoise Sony had ar on the ps2 via eye toy, I think Sony may have purchase their tech because this looks like eye of judgement or invisimal for the psp.

slaton241870d ago

it looks like a rip off because the guy who looks like nathan drake is similarly dressed the same and the other guy looks like sully and that pic looks like its at the jungle scean with the german u boat....people who say this isnt a ripoff are most likely 360 users seeing how they dont have uncharted for 360 and they are saying its like an uncharted FPS.....hmmm

specialguest1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Uncharted was heavily inspired by Indiana Jones from treasure hunting, environment, to solving puzzles. Even Nathan Drake is somewhat of a poorman's Indian Jones played by Harrison Ford in terms of attitude/character.

People call it a rip-off because of:
1. The environment
2. Treasure hunting/puzzle solving
3. The main male character

All of 3 of these reasons Uncharted did NOT originally invent. The game is not even a 3rd person game. In addition, the main character dresses in classic turn of the century explorer attire. Just like the main hero from the 1999 movie The Mummy:

andibandit1869d ago


"seriously was not aware Naughty Dog invented the jungle!!"

Such is the power of Playstation.

Gamer19821869d ago

They did rip a lot of uncharted however saying that it looks like a very poor game even at early stages. Just look at the puzzles they are so 1990's and the flying spears traps? Seriously? Last time I saw them was timesplitters! Not to mention the weapons which belong more in a war game like dual wielding smgs.

lonesoul651869d ago

I agree with ya mewhy, people just love to categorize everything based on their own short term memories. Sure games like Uncharted might rekindle the popularity of games with "hero adventure" treasure hunters but that has always been around in film and games. If people would stop comparing everything against everything else and taking experiences as they come...they would be a lot less disappointed in life. It should be a great adventure.

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SPAM-FRITTER-1231870d ago

the graphics are better than Uncharted IMO

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1870d ago

lol Prepare to be banned for 10000000 days?

BlackPrince 421870d ago

They're nice, but not that nice.

Bolts1870d ago

This site is completely infested with trolls. Whats worst is when the comments and forums isn't trolling, the so called "news" would be. No wonder I hardly visit N4G anymore.

WitWolfy1869d ago

At least it looks better than that "Unearthed" game.