An All-Star Plan to Build a New $99 Hackable Video Game Console Requires $950,000 Of Your Money

Julie Uhrman isn't asking the world for a million bucks. No, she's asking for just under it to produce a new $99 Android-based video game console called Ouya ("ooh-yuh") that will challenge the way Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been bringing games to you on your television for years.

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JBSleek2145d ago

All I ask is what is the multiplayer plan for online multiplayer.

Kurylo3d2145d ago

how does your phone handle multiplayer... its android.

JBSleek2145d ago

You aren't understanding I see. This is a encouraged hackable system therefore I question the intergrity of the online multiplayer from cheaters and hacks.

kevnb2145d ago

Cheaters and hackers are on all platforms, as long as its monitored it should be similar to what you see now.

ApolloTheBoss2145d ago

It's already made over $2M. Why is this article relevant?

wicko2145d ago

Surprise, it's from Kotaku.

Instigator2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

It was added before the kickstarter had actually started, but was zetta slow out the pending section and into the news section. Plus the headline is just a small part of the whole article.

ApolloTheBoss2144d ago

I figured that. Still, no excuses.

Flavor2145d ago

A home console to play casual indie games.

SpecialK2145d ago

Really liking this idea, the Tegra 3 chip is actually pushing some half decent visuals on the Nexus so indie devs should have enough to play around with for smaller games.

It'll be interesting that's for sure. Not sure if its going to take off but i'll be watching it.

dcbronco2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

The real kicker will be when the AMD Fusion tablets arrive. Then you'll have a serious GPU to use.

joeorc2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

"A home console to play casual indie games. "

I keep hearing that but Im really starting to Question, if some people even has a smartphone or Tablet making these comment's?

is this casual:

or this:

or this:

or better yet:

calling Android system "just for casual" gaming would be like calling the PS2 "JUST" FOR CASUAL GAMING!

THEY KEY POINT IS it will play casual and core games just like any other game console. Its just the games will not cost an arm and a Leg.

but the games are not that Great excuse, i heard that one also..the key point is once again Grand theft auto 3 not any good?

hell even the resolution of this port is increased from the old PS2 and Orig. Xbox build.