Review: Sumioni: Demon Arts | Clearance Bin Review

In Sumioni you take on the role of Agura, an ink demon out to save a city from evil. The basic controls are easy enough; use the analog stick to move, the X button to jump and the square button to attack. It is when you move beyond these controls that things go bad. Since Agura is an ink demon you can use ink to create platforms, wipe out enemy projectiles and to cast magic spells. To create a platform you draw it in by dragging your finger over the screen where you want it to be. This is fine when you just need to jump up to something when nothing is around but in the middle of combat having to move your hand to do this makes things difficult. To destroy enemy projectiles you need to touch the bottom corner of the screen to use your water brush and then again, touch the screen over the projectiles. Again, this pulls your hands from the simple controls and adds challenge through mechanics rather than game play.

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