Sony, We Need to Talk About the Vita

Pikimal: Look, Sony, my Vita has served me well. With my current rotation of Rayman: Origins, MLB 12: The Show, Disgaea 3, and Gravity Rush, I’ve hardly had much to complain about these last couple of weeks. That’s why it hurts me to say this, but, all those sales woes? You deserve them.

Maybe you can help me figure something out, Sony, because I’m having a heck of a time doing so on my own. How is it that a gigantic mega-corporation such as yourself can release a brand new handheld with what appears to be a complete lack of planning and foresight? Did you learn nothing from Nintendo’s bungled 3DS launch? They gave you the perfect blueprint of what not to do at launch and you still messed it up.

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GuruStarr782077d ago

I love my vita too.... I platinumed gravity rush, and i'm waiting on the maid pack, and I'm trying to continue to support resistance burning skies Multiplayer, but July, for instance, is a "dry" month for Vita and it'll show.... hopefully we get some surprises in the form of announcements or game releases this month... July is definitely going to be a rough month for my favorite portable.... And yeah, I know... we're getting more stuff in the coming months, but c'mon Sony, there's virtually nothing releasing today, and in a gamers mind, today is what really matters....

I'm looking forward to the Call of Duties and the Bioshocks, but give me some more info on those, not only for me, as a vita owner, but those prospective vita buyers that are on the fence.. I want nothing more than the Vita to be successful, but it seems like Sony is taking their time.. heck, they could have at least put ps1 or ps2 games on the Vita by now... a multi-billion dollar corp like sony surely has the resources...

I know Vita will be ok, but c'mon sony..... give me something more.

Skateboard2077d ago

Sound and Shapes is coming out this this month if you're interested.

PoSTedUP2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Gravity rush, yes. Resistance burning skies MP is good but nothing more.

i basically paid $350 for Persona4Golden hehe.

csn't wait for assasins, COD and Smart As.

I really just want SOCOM, Granturismo and a new MGS. but that is too much to ask.... those and P3p were all i played on the psp a enjoyed every second of them...

i also treat my Vita like S*** -_-. saving for a a new one with the assassins bundle hopefully.

guitarded772076d ago

US release of Ragnarok Odyssey at the end of August has me excited.

New Little King's Story in the fall.

Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Little Big Planet, PlayStation All-Stars, Persona 4 Golden, Street Fighter X Tekken, Silent Hill Book of Memories, Spy Hunter, Need for Speed Most Wanted are all set to release in the fall.

Soul Sacrifice, Dragon's Crown, Zero Escape are gonna come out in fall... or early next year... hopefully.

I'll admit, Vita needs some new games, these last three weeks have seen nothing new, but I haven't grown impatient yet. My hope is for a Star Wars Battlefront and SOCOM for Vita. The system is perfect for third person shooters.

PoSTedUP2076d ago

yeah ragnorok oddsey is actually now my #2 next to P4g.

starwrsBf would be insane on vita good call. all i want really is a socom confrontations port and the vita will be a life long handheld for me.

and i guess need4speedMW will be a GT substitute now, i forgot it's dropping in the fall.

Exquisik2076d ago

To be honest, the games will be coming. The only thing I want Sony to do is to drop the price of the memory card! I want to pick up a 32gb card so I can store all the PSOne games that I have on there.

himdeel2076d ago

Amazon or one of the other online outlets is your best option. I got a 32gig card for $81 and if you have credit on Amazon for instance bump that down even more.

After no announcement on cards at E3 or afterwards I don't think the price is going anywhere. If anything drops in price I'd say it have to be the games we download especially since with this system they are sold through only once.

Skateboard2076d ago

Nm, Sound and Shapes is coming out august.

himdeel2076d ago

I much like those folks that never purchased a PSP are enjoying the PSP games along with some Vita games. My Vita library is small but my PSP collection is growing. However I am looking forward to a few Vita games while I continue to enjoy PSP games, most notably the RPGs.

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MattyG2076d ago

MGS HD looked "all smudgy"? It looks perfectly identical to the console versions.

JBSleek2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

This is really great for the Vita and it has some enticing games to lure consumers now.

Sony and Nintendo I would say Google and Apple coming for some marketshare. With the Nexus 7 and a rumored iPad mini to be cheaper or on par with the price of a Vita and 3DS XL it will be interesting how they react. Will it cause the systems to lower price or maybe the games to lower price. Idk but I love competition it breeds innovation.

32froshes2076d ago

Sony can hardly be blamed for third-party titles sucking so badly. And the Vita's launch lineup was pretty impressive, especially when compared with the 3DS.

When we get PSOne Classics on Vita, that thing's going to be my go-to classic JRPG machine.

Machioto2076d ago

I think people are a bit more critical of the vita in comparison to the 3ds but they don't realize that the vita hasn't been out a year,its been like six months for japan and four months for the US and Europe,it needs time to get better games,I'm assuming that these people think a game can be cranked out in a day but it takes time.

Sgt_Slaughter2076d ago

People crucified the 3DS for 4 months after launch so don't act like the Vita is the only one getting unfair treatment.

Xof2076d ago

But Sony can be blamed for all the other stuff. The delays with PS1 b/c, the lack of Vita content on the PSN, and the complete absence of any game releases, retail or digital, throughout the ENTIRE month of July.

Which sounds pretty damn bad, but not quite incomprehensibly bad until you consider that the Vita is only getting 2 game releases in August, and only 2 game releases in September, and all of its October releases are clustered together on October 30th.

Sony allowed a situation to occur where the Vita would be starved for content, period, for a stretch lasting from the beginning of June to the end of October. That's FIVE MONTHS.

Sony has a lot to answer for. If they couldn't maintain support for the Vita themselves and stagger releases along a competent manner, they ought to have delayed the launch --at least-- six months.

And since you brought it up, as bad as the 3DS launch was, and as bad as those first 6 months or so were for 3DS owners, I think the Vita's case is much worse. Sure, the Vita has more, better games at this point in its launch year... but as far as I can remember, the 3DS -never- had such an obscenely long stretch of "nothing at all."

Though, at this point, it's kind of like arguing whether or not a zebra piss tastes better than guano.

DA_SHREDDER2076d ago

I don't see the point of a powerful handheld device that only does games when my prepaid phone is strong enough to run Onlive?

Hicken2076d ago

Your prepaid phone can't run Gravity Rush. Or Resistance. It won't be running Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty, either.

In fact, your prepaid phone isn't "strong enough to run Onlive." It's streaming it. There's a massive difference between streaming a game and running it locally.

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