[TGV] Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man is Activision‘s latest attempt to cash in on the popularity of a Marvel flagship character, swinging off the back of a serviceable superhero movie. It attempts to be Batman: Arkham City with webs, but it lacks everything that makes the Dark Knight’s title such a great experience – a love for the lore, an eye for detail, and a sense of character.

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Hicken2054d ago

First of all, I believe it's "plague" and not "plaque."

Secondly, I highly doubt this game is below average.

borisfett2054d ago

Whoops, terrible typo.

And of course, as far as the quality of the game is concerned, that is entirely your opinion and you are perfectly free to have it.

Sidology2054d ago

How disappointing. Had hopes for this after seeing it some at E3

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