Interview: Trent Reznor pens 'Black Ops II' theme song

The next soundtrack project for Trent Reznor, who most recently scored The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with Atticus Ross, is not for a film, but for the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

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MasterD9192174d ago

They are quite lucky to have him. Reznor is ridiculously talented.

coolbeans2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

This could be the first CoD since MW2 (Hans Zimmer was involved with that one) that I might find reaching exemplary status in sound design.

MasterD9192174d ago

Hans Zimmer makes excellent and epic music, but with Reznor at the helm for BOII, the sound should be eerie and have an abstract feel to it.

I'm actually excited to hear what he comes up with.

wicko2174d ago

What are you talking about? He wrote the theme song.. what does that have to do with sound design? All it really means is the theme song will probably be good.

coolbeans2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

The main theme song can also help set a tone for the entire soundtrack: slight variations in how it's produced, tempo, etc.

I'm also insisting that the very fact Treyarch is reaching out to a talented musician (regardless how much imput he gives overall) shows what sort of "background" (<- if you follow) the team is striving to create.

Wagz222174d ago

Add an agree to that, stupid phone.

Hazmat132174d ago

thats great to hear, his music is beyond epic. cant wait to play Black Ops 2.

Dipso2174d ago


"but with Reznor at the helm for BOII, the sound should be eerie and have an abstract feel to it."

From the article...

"Reznor has composed the game's theme song, an "aggressively sounding" piece of guitar, bass and drums-based rock."

So no, just typical the schmaltzy pop rock-"industrial" that Reznor built his career on. Seriously overrated artist for an overrated franchise.

wicko2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

It's funny that 99% of the time that someone doesn't like something, it's overrated.

I like trent's music quite a bit, but I'm the last person you'll see defending CoD. I don't think it's a very good game but I can see the things it really excels at.

Grimhammer002174d ago

Trent Reznor has done far more for consumers of music than most know. And he is musically a genius by his peers standards - so I'd lean towards their musical knowledge than some random on the interwebs.

Dipso2174d ago

I'm sorry but as a long standing fan of the genre of music that Reznor cut his teeth on I have to disagree with with your statement in regards to his peers considering him a "genius". Reznor borrowed heavily from the Wax Trax luminaries such as Jourgensen, Front 242, FLA, Thrill Kill Kult etc. He took the aesthetic, made a pretty decent pop album with a killer of a catchy hit and took the sound to the mainstream.

I admit he's a great producer but there is nothing trailblazing or genius about the man, in actual fact he has always been at least five years behind the more underground artists that inspire him. Plus he's a grown man who still sings like a depressed 18 year whiny bitch.

By the way I'd love to know who these "peers" are.

Cloudberry2174d ago

That someone like Trent & his style in NIN past, present, & future, I never thought that he would played & like Heavy Rain.


As Heavy Rain also my favorite game.

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