New Info: Grand Theft Auto IV

There's a new 10-page preview up at gameplayer with loads of new info about GTA IV. They go into detail about several new characters, the Rainbow Six-style combat, and how the Euphoria Engine physics help Niko to get drunk!

"F***ing awesome! There, if you wanted the quick two-word summation of the Grand Theft Auto IV demo we just witnessed, then that's it. Want three words? How about: best game ever."

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Amagai Shuusuke3804d ago

I can see it know.

"Carlos! Get your drunk ass over there next to that
two-dollar hooker and provide covering fire. Hurry up, we
already got three stars on us!"

LeonSKennedy4Life3804d ago

Bubbles for you, sir.

I laughed like crazy!

003804d ago

Can't wait to play this it sounds like alot of fun.

Zip3803d ago

Even when you tougth that the developers couldnt take this any futher, they kept proving us wrong!! (thanks god ;)) !!

I simply cant wait for this part of the franchise!! its going to blow us all away indeed.