NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660Ti Headed for Launch in August

Alot of rumors have been flooding the net of NVIDIA’s upcoming mid-range GeForce product “GTX 660″, Information from a well know source has revealed that the card would be the last product based on the GK104 core and would launch in early August as indicated months ago.

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sabeehqureshi2022d ago

Seems legit. Can't wait :D

Pain_Killer2022d ago

Best Mid-Range product for PC gamers i believe?

Same specs as 670, just lower clock speeds and vram but overall a nice product for 1080P gaming.

NYC_Gamer2022d ago

Nvidia is on point when it comes to performance/value.

Pain_Killer2022d ago

With the 600 Series they sure are giving AMD a hard time.

AKS2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I'll be eager to see the benchmarks of the 660Ti. They will have to be careful, as I think the small difference between the 670 and 680 is costing them some serious cash.

The GTX 670 in particular is a very potent and well designed card, which is probably why I bought one and am considering a second in SLI.

The only AMD cards that have really impressed me recently have been the 7870 and 7970 Lightning (more raw power than my GTX 670 4GB, but it's a foot long and didn't have new features I wanted like adaptive vsync).

I thought AMD was a bit ahead in the 6900 versus GTX 500 generation, especially with CF setups, but Nvida has stepped their game up a bit and are now about a half step ahead. Competition is a good thing. Drives prices down and quality up.

TABSF2022d ago

Well Nvidia have usually been in front

GTX 580 was the fastest single GPU card till HD 7000s where released
GTX 480 (even though it was a howler) was faster than HD 5870
GTX 285 was faster than HD 4890
9800 GTX was faster than HD 3870
8800 Ultra was faster than HD 2900 XT

I would say HD 7970GHz the best this time round.

Nvidia in the past have always been quicker in resent memory but has been always hotter and required more power.
This is the first time they have require a lot less power and produced less heat.

GTX 680 is was better than HD 7970 at non over the top resolutions or multi screen but now with the GHz edition GTX 680 is defiantly slower.

BTW I have a Palit JetStream GTX 670 :)

AKS2022d ago


AMD didn't have a single GPU card that competed directly with the GTX 580. It was indeed the fastest card in its class...but it was also the ONLY card in its class.

The 6990 was quicker (but louder) than the GTX 590
The 6950 was as fast or faster than the 560Ti and usually faster in dual/multicard setups.
The 6970 vs. GTX 570 varied by game, but the 6970 was usually ahead in CF.

My point is that every card in the 6900 lineup was very competitive with their Nvidia competition, whereas recently Nvidia has pulled ahead a bit in the most recent wave of cards. The GK104 has turned out quite well.

I did consider spending a few bucks more (it was around a $500 vs. $530 difference on newegg) for a 7970 Lighting over my GTX 670 4GB, but I liked the new features and things I had read about the Nvidia card a bit better even though it had less raw power. Also, I don't think I could have stuffed two 7970s onto my board if I eventually decided to go with another dual card setup, as they are 12" rather than 9.5" long.

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