Mikami: 'Japan needs to make games like Hollywood makes movies'

"Skyrim, like that are more interesting to me right now"

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Troll-without-Bridge2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

Haha, no. Hollywood movies are not really great in quality, more like high budget blockbuster for the masses.

If I much rather play a Bayonetta than a skyrim or pantsies batman,

NYC_Gamer2200d ago

Both of the Batman games released are solid

Troll-without-Bridge2200d ago

Fine, they are solid games, even if they are not my thing. But still, hollywood? That is so lame man, who would strive to be like them?

WetN00dle692200d ago

Sorry BUT thus far Hollywood has made a bunch of shitty movies! Thank god for Asian Cinematography. The Raid alone shits on most of the movies Hollywood has pumped out lately.

redDevil872200d ago

Japanese gaming developers have been truly confused this gen.

Blackdeath_6632200d ago

agreed, if it wasn't for metal gear solid a whole generations would have passed without a good HD Japanese game. yes you could argue that there have been some good japanese games on the wii but the tech on the wii is old and outdated (sorry nintendo fanboys) and even if it wasn't most if not all Japanese games on the wii belong to existing franchise.

TheTwelve2200d ago

Blame DS,PSP, Wii and PS2 success in Japan for that. Japanese developers got sucked into making some really good profit for less work because of the success of these platforms. It costs more money and would yield less profit to give the kind of HD, high-end attention we'd want Japan to have given to the PS3 this gen. The earthquake didn't help things at ALL.

As long as you can make a sprite-game for the DS and sell tons, why invest in something that would sell less? Unless you really had intentions to make a great game?

But how many developers care more about making a great game than profit?


ronin4life2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

More like they were able to truly focus on making great games without the need to spend horrendous amounts of money and time on what amounts to shoe polish.

They weren't lazy(at least not most of them) they were doing what the western devs SHOULD have been doing: making great games that are interesting, fun and finished products. Focusing on SD consoles allowed them the ability to do this without the pressure and expense that the HD consoles would have given them.

ShaunCameron2199d ago

And yet the old technology that the Wii ran on probably made them more money than the "next-gen" technology that the PS360 ran on. Lower development costs and reliable hardware = better chance at making a profit even if the game doesn't sell a million copies.

Skateboard2200d ago

It's like they are all insecure. Just make the game don't think too much, these japanese devs analyse the western market too much which ends up making their games look like shit.

Blackdeath_6632200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

there is some truth in that, like when they decided to used a leona lewis song to advertise final fantasy XIII rather than use a japanese one. i think that was probably the first sign that square enix have changed their way in doing things

Yangus2200d ago


No,this BS....

KingItachi2200d ago

I disagree with Mikami not because he likes western games more right now means Japan should go out of thier way to please the west.

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The story is too old to be commented.