Mass Effect 3 to get Earth DLC

TVGB: "Mass Effect 3's online component is in for another addition in the form of an "Earth Multiplayer Expansion." Due out a week from now, July 17th (next Tuesday), the content will be available free of charge."

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Canthar2141d ago

saving me money by all the dlc being multiplayer

Blacktric2141d ago

Saving you money by all multiplayer DLC so far being absolutely free of charge...

"Due out a week from now, July 17th (next Tuesday), the content will be available free of charge.""

kneon2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Saving you money by all the DLC being free

Canthar2141d ago

Hah I play MP so often you know I never looked at the price.

Megaton2141d ago

Been debating whether or not to uninstall this game now that the EC came and went. It simply doesn't have the staying power and replay appeal that ME1 and ME2 had, even with multiplayer.

TekoIie2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Its because its the end. Theres no speculation like with ME2 with what would come next because the story wont continue.... to my knowledge atleast. Cant be too sure with EA these days.

Megaton2141d ago

They claim we should hang onto our saves. There will obviously be more Mass Effect games, connected or not. EA will drag any franchise through the dirt for as long as it's profitable.

Games4ever2141d ago

Don't like the multiplayer anymore, too many fools on it.

sjaakiejj2141d ago

Where's the Single Player DLC? :(

Blacktric2141d ago

I think we can expect it late August, mid to late September. Remember, they were working on the Extended Cut for the most part while most likely a small team were designing the Leviathan DLC.

MasterD9192141d ago

I was expecting single-player related dlc but with the extended cut just being released it seems unlikely.

I'm sure all of these free DLC packs came from an original price model as well...but with all the flak and Bioware trying to do right by the fans, they probably agreed it's best to release them free of charge.

I do enjoy the multiplayer every now and then though.

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