AMD Launches Sub-$100 Radeon HD 3400, HD 3600

Purav Sanghani - January 23, 2008 6:34 PM - AMD updates mainstream and low-end product lines with cards under $100

When it comes to the graphics industry, we tend to focus on the high-end products more so than the mainstream and low-end -- we like to associate graphics with powerful GPUs that are capable of rendering the latest in Crysis-like eye-candy.

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potenquatro3801d ago

this is the best time to buy a rig. 1g, wow. it could be a sucky card but, wow. the price will defenetly make nvidia react. i need a bigger case.

skagrerrrr3801d ago

should be more competitive this year, it would be good for all of us

IntelligentAj3801d ago

I hope so. I want ATI and AMD to pick it up and give us the competition that we had a couple of years ago when Intel was getting it's a$$ handled.