Top 5 Video Game Tunes That Get You Immersed Before The Game Even Starts

Menu / Title tunes that make a hell of a first impression

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Hellsvacancy2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Deus Ex was awesome, when DE3 came out i sat there at the menu screen for 20mins whilst smoking a j listening to the track playing in the background AWESOME music

This is my winner though i still play it, mostly for the music

I cant approve the article because ive been banned from doin so

hilmart2110d ago

What about The Legend of Zelda? or Morrowind? or Skyrim?

mobiusoneac42110d ago

No Metroid? This list is shit by default.

Fyflin2110d ago

I thought Halo would have been on there.

Slugg3r2110d ago

such a shame he is not in Absolution

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