Interview: DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall on getting into the industry

DayZ is the hugely popular zombie survival mod for Arma II. Produced by Arma II game designer Dean “Rocket” Hall in his spare time around full-time work at Bohemia Interactive, DayZ has demonstrated the huge potential of modding.

The Train2Game Blog sat down with the DayZ creator at Rezzed to discuss the advantages of modding, his unconventional path into the games industry and advice for those looking to get into game development.

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joab7772228d ago

I think dayZ is brilliant. And valve has proven that is ur mod idea is a great one and very popular, big companies may swoop in with a lucrative deal. Now, unfortunately valve is a rare company that doesn't take full control away from the Creator, so misdeeds have to b careful not to b blinded by dollar signs. Honestly, pc gamers may hate this, but this mod could b a very successful console game, as well as pc. I dunno, maybe it's already happened, but I hope dayZ gets slot of support and sticks around awhile. I can't say enough about it. Love it.

Mintyrebel2228d ago

Consoles manufacturers are not open to modding, whereas core PC games are. And how did Valve get involved in this? This mod is nothing to do with Steam and is easier to use if you own a DRM free version of Arma... I think you may need to do some research...

h311rais3r2228d ago

If they DID do a consoles version it would have to be severely cut back. Especially since most modern pcs can't run it on medium. It is great however. I'm waiting for full release now....don't want to dayz myself out...