Vista SP1 Due Out February 15th?

Vista SP1 has already been previewed, gone through a Release Candidate cycle, and had a changelog released -- so all that's left is for Microsoft to hit us with it, right?

Read on at Engadget (hit the link).

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resistance1003738d ago

They better get it out soon, I hate having to use vista so much, its full of bugs and keeps crashing. Seriously if its still not sorted by the end of the year, im getting a mac

ionace3738d ago

seriously, it uses up 1.3 gigs of ram on my computer ! good thing I got 4 gigs

drewdrakes3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

I think youre both doing something wrong. I use it a hell of a lot and its never crashed and never used more then 800MB of ram.

Edit: Im using premium. I dont understand how these people are having all these problems. What are you guys doing? Im doing movie playback, music playback, 3D modelling, paint programs. The only thing that gives me issues is firefox. It always has. It uses the most memory out of every program I have and crashes frequently.

xplosneer3738d ago

Usage varies on version. What are you using?

I'm using Premium and it takes on average 1/4 or my 3GB's of RAM, so just under 1GB.

ionace3738d ago

I have ultimate, which is why it seems to use so much... still thats BS

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ruibing3738d ago

I just hope they fix the following problems:

1) Explorer crashing and restarting for no reason.
2) Problems with standby and hibernation.
3) Long startup time.

Rice3738d ago

I know how u feel, i hate when im posting articles and then my friking explorer says its not responding and restarts... and when i close the lid on my laptop, and then open it back up after like a few minutes or so, i get the friken blue screen of death... but everything else is fine.

Rocko3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Use firefox.

nstott3738d ago

If you guys are having problems, you should use the vista feature to report your problems to MS. Everytime I had a problem and reported it there was usually a new driver download available or a hotfix that could fix my specific problem. I have 4 vista pc's, 3 have been trouble free and the one I upgraded from xp has given me some trouble, but as I said there was usually a fix out there already or shortly after.

Darkiewonder3738d ago

1gb needed to really run Vista? Really. 3 gb of ram feels like 1 here still ;3

OOG FunK3738d ago

meh I dont have any real issues with Vista but I have a system that was built to be able to run it......... and yea I only have 2 gigs of ram in this and it works fine and vista only uses 20 some % when idle on my ram....just buy some half decent ram and you wont have to complain....basically its not for everyones systems....and by doing your bista performance can figure out where you stand

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