Xbox 720: Patent Verifies Leaked Next-Gen Microsoft Doc Details

NowGamer: Dual CPUs and GPUs confirmed in Microsoft's next-gen console plans?

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Wizziokid2143d ago

while the 720 will be a good console I'm going to reserve my judgement and purchase depending on the direction Micrsoft go with the core titles.

If they continue to pass out on great exclusive IP's for forgettable kinect shovel-ware I'm going to have to pass. and this is coming from someone who had the 360 and original xbox at launch.

richierich2143d ago

I agree with what you said about kinect its been out for 360 for quite a while now and I cant even think of one decent game for it

cstyle2143d ago

Kinec sports 1 and 2, dance central series, kinectimals, gunstringer,happy action theater,Disneyland adventures, and child of eden are all decent games. Some of those have sold over a million copies too.
The move has been out longer and has produced way less except tacked on controls for games that have already been released. Only recent title has been sorcery and that one is a dud too just like steel battalion was. So they both have shitty games but kinect is way more successful. The proof is that sony continues to ignore its device while ms is still getting support for kinect from 3rd party devs.

DeFFeR2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Probably because you weren't the target market.

My kids (11, 7, 5) use it a few times per week. Disneyland, Pixar, Sesame Street - these games are not geared towards people who visit N4G...

What ticks me off, is that MS hasn't added any new AAA IP in years. We have Halo, Gears and Forza. Fable has fallen off the wagon, Rare is an untapped now defunct resource etc.

My only hope, is that they've decided to keep some IPs 'hush hush' and release them on the next system, but who knows when that's going to release? Are we really going to wait 2 more years before seeing a 360 exclusive that's non-Halo/Gears/Forza worth buying?

richierich2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

@ DeFFeR I agree with you about it being good for kids games. Im also a 360 owner myself but I would rather see more hardcore titles for Kinect

hellvaguy2142d ago

Steel Battlion, Fable, and maybe Star Wars Kinect (havent read much on that yet because Ive been busy lately). These are legit titles for the kinect.

sikbeta2142d ago

They want the living room, IF that means a kinect-box with cable subs + apps ala Apple + Gaming, they'll do it, the main focus will change, but that doesn't mean gaming will be put aside or left behind... the times are changing...

slaton242142d ago

@cstyle uhh yeah those are more for kids so for hardcore gamers the only decent game is mass effect seems to want to be more than just gaming...which is good but it will loose alot of hardcore gamers because they dont have many newer IPs...but cant wait to see what 720 and ps4 have to offer

pompombrum2142d ago


Most of those titles you mentioned have little to no relevance for the average Xbox gamer unless they have children. Hate to sound like a fanboy and defend sony but I think their approach to motion games was far better by incorporating it into their core titles without voice commands. They tried to make it something for their actual ps3 owners as opposed to Microsoft who focused pretty much entirely on enticing a new market to their console.

Kinect was never going to fail, look how much money they put into the marketing. Outside of being a glorified mic and children's games, it doesn't really offer much to core gamers. Every game I can think of which has been released that had core gamers keeping an eye on, failed miserably and got awful ratings.

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greenpowerz2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Sure you are ;) lol

Your comment history pretty much says you had no intention of being a owner lol. That's some smooth trolling though. You didn't even mention the topic lol, you will reserve judgement on whether the 720 will be able to multi task or not? Sounds like republican politics here in the US.

Wizziokid2143d ago

My comment history? you might be looking at the wrong person. I'm making a valid, personal point regarding the console. I'm not sure if I'll buy one because if it does go Kinect focused It might not offer the gaming experience I'm looking for much like the 360 currently.
I loved the 360 the first half of the gen but I'll admit I've went more to the PS3 just because the exclusives are much more appealing to me, does that mean I don't like 360? no It's a great console but MS need to realise Kinect isn't everything and start investing in some IP's again. there's only so much Halo and Gears I can take.

again all down to opinion, if you don't like it fair enough but to say I'm trollin is pretty idiotic.

greenpowerz2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

I can't wait. Pause a 720 game then jump on the web using windows8 IE9 or higher to check emails or find game info in game etc. Remote PC control will be cool. The 720 will be extremely powerful due to what it will be doing, expect the leaked 2010 doc specs to be weaker than the final specs. Nintendo must know some details being in the hardware market recently hense all their attention on the 720.

I don't think people care if you want new IP fluffware to boast about. While some people wait for possibly canceled or premature announced "new IP's" I will be playing IP'S I know I can purchase this year. I only need to know what's coming soon not something on the drawing board coming 3 or 4 years from now of at all.

JsonHenry2143d ago

I really like the idea that some cores will be dedicated to things like the metro/dashboard overlay while playing. No more laggy or delayed menu/options/friends list/invite system while in the middle of a game.

kneon2143d ago

While this approach will benefit the non-gaming functionality it also means that games won't be using all the resources they could have if some weren't partitioned off for non-gaming purposes.

Personally I'd rather that games have as much power available to them as possible as those other things mean little to me.

JsonHenry2143d ago

^^ the problem is the system will be so starved for RAM that dedicating most of the CPU resources to game only would be a waste of the CPU. And if the leaked specs are anything to go by then there will be plenty of CPU to spare even if it is only a single thread on one CPU core for the LIVE/dashboard menu functionality.

kneon2143d ago

If the system is low on RAM then that is even more reason to dedicate as much as possible to gaming. I don't care if secondary functions are a bit slow, they are secondary after all.

nukeitall2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

I think with a high core count, a dedicated core to the OS at all times is great. I hate how I want to listen to a message or try to join a party, it takes a while to pull up the guide menu.

More power to games will create negligible differences. Next generation will be more about overall experience than pure graphical power. Otherwise, PC would have won a long time ago!

Make the console even more convenient to use!

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southernbanana2143d ago

Why pass on the next Xbox? Just don't buy motion controlled games. There have always been plenty of non family centric games to keep people happy. Although my PS3 has had more exclusives in the past year or so, I still find an equally good amount of games to play on both systems. Even with that my 360 gets quite a bit more use for some reason... Not all Kinect games are shovelware. The Kinect Sports are fun. I enjoyed the Gunstringer and Kinectimals was actually a good game even though adults are obviously not the target audience. I also enjoyed Dead rising even though it wasn't perfect. Fitness evolved it a great fitness game, even though it is not as good as going to the gym. Dance Central is another game worth mentioning. Not all games are shovel ware, and all three current systems have some really good motion controlled games. I will be buying all of the next gen consoles, shovel ware and all.

Wizziokid2142d ago

Hey if I had the money trust me I would be all the next-gen consoles but I just can't do that, that's why of I do have to choose I'll go for the one which offers me more games I will enjoy hence why I want MS to stray away from the amount of focus they are giving Kinect IP's and go back to the core way back when.

Oh_Yeah2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

exactly, ill wait 2 years or so. if all theyre going to have is 3 so-so exclusives again, or if they even charge for multi player ill pass. sony on the other hand i can count to have quality and quantity exclusives with free multiplayer...they won me over this gen so next gen they have my support also.

n to the b2142d ago

glad you're psyched for new sony box (heh, box).

just wanted to caution you about this part: "they won me over this gen so next gen they have my support also."

because last gen MS won me over with a more powerful machine that catered to the hardcore crowd and with exclusives like KOTOR, Fable, Halo and Morrowind. this gen they took me for a ride.

not saying sony has given good reason to doubt them. just saying a little healthy skepticism is... you know, healthy.

Oh_Yeah2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

@ n to the b

i agree where your coming from, i bought a 360 at launch because the xbox was decent, it still lacked other than the games u mentioned, ps2 also had ALOT of great exclusives...also more quantity compared to xbox (ico, sotc, dark cloud, etc... With 360 i never paid for live once, just made as many accounts as i could for 1 month free but after that no more multiplayer for me until i got my ps3. paying for something that is free on all other platforms didnt seem right to me man. As long as PSN is free they have me as a customer...exclusive wise i have faith sony will dominate...theyve never lacked great exclusives or quantity of exclusives.

so for microsoft to get a sale out of me, they need free multiplayer, and at least 10 exclusives that are must haves lol they have alot of convincin to do. i dont wanna see more gears, halos, forzas.

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vega2752143d ago

If this is true along with the released documents on the nextbox, Then I'm all in. Can't wait

skyward2143d ago

It's all about the games. That's it.

ALLWRONG2143d ago

You don't use any of the features? You wouldn't care if they took it all away from you, and went back to a PS2 style UI and early Xbox Live?

Old fashion gaming consoles are dead, I don't want to go back.

vega2752143d ago

If it does what I want and more that what it is about. I didn't buy my smart phone to just make phone calls.

skyward2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

@ALLWRONG sure I use the features, I use Blu-ray in my PS3 etc. But I'm not buying a console unless the gaming experiences are potentially great. Of course, the games may be enhanced by multimedia fucntions next-gen...

h311rais3r2142d ago

If I've ever watched a movie on your console then it makes you a hypocrite.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Yeah cloud xbox on pc!

This means sony has to do it! or take second place.

SandWitch2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Well that's the future I guess... One day fanboys will fight which service is better instead of which box is better. And the service-exclusive games will be playable on every device. Yay, Halo 9 on my Sony tablet! And Uncharted 8 on my Windows PC!

Games streaming is very convenient for consumers, once there's fast and reliable internet network all over the world, games streaming services will quickly take over the market. Only one thing about it that makes me really sad... There will be no new consoles. I love the hype when new hardware arrives - these are rare, but very exciting moments for me :'(

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

lol ps5 cloud pc > xbox 1080 cloud pc? I am glad fanboy wars will die. I want xbox, pc & ps games on one device! The future is cheaper!!

Imalwaysright2142d ago

"Games streaming is very convenient for consumers" LMAO yep expect companies to take games down to force you to buy sequels. Im not sure if you guys understand that with cloud gaming the industry would have all the power and they could do anything they wanted to. Remember that with the Ip and software laws you dont own the games you paid for.

Cloud gaming is the exact opposit of convenient to consumers because we wont have any means to fight an already abusive industry that only thinks about profit and doesnt give a shit about us consumers.

green2143d ago

If this is true, then it just verifies what that analyst said about Sony being behing Microsoft interms of cloud gaming.

Sony buying Gaikai makes it possible for them to offer a cloud gaming service integrated into the PS4 the day it goes on sale instead of building one from scratch which would take years and may not be well integrated.

Guess we will know better by E3 2013.

LNDCalling2143d ago

I like the architecture, if that is indeed the direction Microsoft take, but I must say their direction in games may well shoot them in the foot for what may well otherwise be a sound piece of hardware.

Whether I end up picking up the nextbox or not is going to depend on what Microsoft do over the next year game wise and what the final specs are.

However I feel that Microsoft's attention will be directed at pushing their Tablet, Windows 8 and SmartGlass as opposed to their game studios.

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