Of All The TV Series To Be Introduced To The MMO Universe..CBS Chose Ghost Whisperer

Casual game developers, Legacy Games, have just announced the latest title to join their ever expanding arsenal of free online games, Ghost Whisperer. Based on the critically acclaimed TV series that launched on CBS in 2005, Ghost Whisperer uses familiar hidden object game mechanics to introduce players into the life of Melinda Gordon.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

I actually used to like that show. If it's done right you never know. But it should't be based on her story.

hmmm casual gamer devs? never mind.

CaptainCamper2144d ago

I never watched the show but it's always interesting to see how the transition from TV series to game works out. Not many end up all that great, with a few exceptions. I fear this is going to be another title that could easily be a Facebook game :D

KMCROC542144d ago

As long as JLH breast are front & center I will give this a game shot.

level 3602144d ago

MMmmm... breast shots.. Jennifer Love Hewitt.. mmmm..

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