Square’s 25 years spent defining Final Fantasy

Jonathon Wilson wrote: "Taking a look back at Final Fantasy

RPGs (Role Playing Game) are huge genres in the games industry that are loved by many and use a broad range of styles with drastically different settings. Some tend to take place in mystical kingdoms/worlds while others take are inspired by cyber-punk to create rich futuristic environments."

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Major_Nailson2174d ago

Square's biggest failure was luring to the casual players. They went downhill after Final Fantasy 8 and that's a proven fact.

The reason JRPGs failed this gen was because Square sold out. Once they betrayed many fans by going multiplate, most of Final Fantasy's fans converted to Bethesda fans.

That is why games like Skyrim are so successful and in my opinion, Skyrim does what Final Fantasy 13 should have done.

NukaCola2174d ago

I think once Enix merged they really went down hill and haven't created the experiences we once had when both companies were both separate.

I enjoy what Bioware and Bethsda have done with the WRPG and I don't see Final Fantasy XIII as a clone of that. Thee biggest issues are that the game is so linear. The direction isn't role playing, you take no form of a role. You are just pressing X/A throughout the pre-made scenarios given to you.

There used to be exploration. We aren't asking for an open world game, but we are asking SE to create games like they used to. A lot of their titles are just not fun anymore and that is sad. They lost the magic. I think the new people who come in don't have the same passion as the original creators and it's affecting the quality of games that are made.

I know as an industry it must grow and push forward, but sometimes you should also take a step back and reflect on the basics and what made your product so unforgettable. This is why NI NO KUNI is the #1 RPG on my list. For the last 10 years RPGs are trying to push forward and they are failing on so many levels. It's nice to take me back to a time when RPGs were flat out fun and adventurous and worked well on the original foundation of their mechanics.

I hope the best for Square. I do have to say it sickens me though they produce COD in JP. That is such a disgrace to the company.

Major_Nailson2174d ago

Completely agree with you!

Bethesda should make the Final Fantasy games!

Hellsvacancy2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

I liked FFX, it was an awesome game, it had some irritating characters but overall it was a fun game to play

Id rather another FFX than a FF13, FF8 was my favorite, i couldnt get into 7, 9 was ok (i didnt actually finish it)

Nerdmaster2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

A "proven fact" by whom?

I hate when people try to talk down to others by saying "stop thinking that your opinion is a fact", because most of the time we are just stating our opinions, not saying that they are facts. But there is no excuse in your case.

ChunkyLover532174d ago

I can honestly say that I've never played a Final Fantasy game in 20+ years of gaming. I've heard OF the series, it just hasn't really looked like something I'd be into.

Yangus2174d ago

FFXIII no towns,no village,no many npc and linear..sad...

NI NO KUNI,towns,village,world map..
Monster Hunter 4!
"There are a lot of villages!in the game, Tsujimoto said, and a lot of characters!"


Capt-FuzzyPants2174d ago

You really need to go to grammar school or something.

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Elda2174d ago

I loved all the FF games some memorable than others,the only ones I didn't play were XI & XIV because they're MMO's,even though some people hate on XIII & XIII-2 I enjoyed those aswell.