Why Resident Evil 6′s 4 Hours of Cutscenes are a Good Thing

Resident Evil 6 has been outed to feature over 4 Hours of cutscenes. Like it or not though, this is a good move for the series. Why is this? Follow the link for more.

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darknessedge2203d ago

RESIDENT EVIL 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

futurefrog2203d ago

cutscenes suck and so do you

pixelsword2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

(sic) "cutscenes suck and so do you"

I love it how gamers call games art and yet complain about what makes it art.

EmperorDalek2203d ago

Did he say that? Or different gamers? Because I don't even think 99% of gamers care.

pixelsword2200d ago

@ dalek:

"games are art dont be a douche #1.1"

What you need to do is to be quiet until you get the facts straight; lest you look more the fool than you already do.

coaidant2203d ago

Well if they're moving away from 'survival horror', they might as well fill in the gaps with a bunch of cut scenes

piroh2203d ago

nothing can beat MGS4

discordman2203d ago

Good point, but this might be the killer game in form of cutscenes.

hennessey862203d ago

if done well can be brilliant, see MGS4 for proof

masterabbott2203d ago

i say the more cut scenes the better !! wish there was 30 hours and not 4 !!

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