I Should Research Before I Buy

GA writes: I walked in bought my copy of Gravity Rush, then I was asked if I wanted to pre-order LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, since I was discussing it on my way into GameStop. I was in a spending mood, so I said “sure for the Vita.” Big mistake.

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GuruStarr782081d ago

agreed.... batman lego 2 was a bit on the bland side for vita.... and that's putting it politely.... I almost bought it, but I'm glad I ended up Gamefly'ing it... especially after I found out it was just a port of the 3DS game and not the console game (which it should have been)...

Hicken2081d ago

Isn't this common sense, though? I never buy anything new unless I know what I'm getting(the last time was BlazBlue, but since I love that series, I've no complaints).

Lots of times, people complain about a game being not what they thought, when a cursory search on the internet or asking a few people would yield more than enough info.