Can Diablo III Be Saved?

"The problem with developing one of the most hyped sequels of all time is the inevitable backlash that will follow if the title fails to meet and exceed expectations. Bioware certainly felt the heat after Mass Effect 3 was not everything gamers needed it to be. The debacle that was Final Fantasy XIII is still painfully fresh in our minds. But there is perhaps no one game in the past decade that was more vulnerable to fan outcries than Diablo III."

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hilmart2076d ago

Sure it can, just enable an offline mode and mod support. The community will take care of the rest.

Steadyhndz2075d ago

Of course it can be...a game like Diablo III is never too late to fix but with all the initial problems they had, they lost quite a lot of people to that, and not having PvP yet...that's another huge downfall...

Promote the game again, and also promote to current/past players about major changes that are coming. They commented on PvP back in March saying it wouldn't be out for's now July and no word on it? Also they gotta hint at an expansion by the end of the Fall. People are really upset with the storyline, and it honestly was terrible overall.

ThanatosDMC2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Problem is Jay Wilson and the rest of his crew believe that the game is fine. It's like he's never played Diablo 1 or 2 and their mind is full of WoW.

Remember how Deckard Cain died? It was awful presentation. They couldnt have made it into a CGI movie? It was like watching and old 2003-2005 game.

It hit CNN (from the forums):

VsAssassin2075d ago

Sales-wise, Blizzard could be complacent enough that they'd think they can pull off another D3 next time, if ever there'll be a D4. What they don't know is that people who bought the game and got disappointed have a high chance they won't be buying another title from Blizz if they make the same mistakes again.

I like the game personally, but it definitely suffered a lot, and I'm just talking about the always-online DRM here. I know there are a few other disappointing things surrounding this game; a bit too many to mention.

DarkZane2075d ago

Only way it can be saved is if they stop nerfing every damn thing and put everything back like it was pre-1.0.3, except the inferno nerf. Attack speed and repair cost were fine before.

taquito2075d ago


help diablo

it only sold ten million copies!!

jn2002dk2075d ago

My thoughts exactly lol

These mindless D3 hate articles are getting so ridiculous i can only imagine a bunch of 12 year old kids writing them

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