Cheating – A “Feature” in the Re-release of Final Fantasy VII

PGL: Square Enix has long been established as one of the biggest game developers in the world, with the Final Fantasy franchise being its titular game title.

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Snookies122226d ago

Uhhhhhhhh... That's garbage... Why would they do this? Wow, Enix even managed to mess up a re-release which doesn't really have anything new. -_-

zeal0us2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

If you don't use the feature, how does it mess up your experience?

"What do you think? Think the whole “Advancement System” is feature enough for the relaunch of Final Fantasy VII? Or do you think Square Enix is just cashing in on one of its most popular game titles?"

Re-releasing a game riding on one feature would be dumb. I doubt SE just add one feature and say "Here ya go" and hope to get some serious $$$. No company would re-release a game without hoping to gain some kind of profit from it. Look at all these HD remakes/collections.

Irishguy952226d ago

Why are people surprised!?
Is it because they aren't remaking the game that a re release is so crazy? If they aren't remaking it yet then of course they will re release it on it's Anniversary

Snookies122226d ago

That's completely not what I meant. The "cheating" they're putting into the game. That's what I'm scratching my head about... I'd be fine if it were just a PC version of VII untouched. Though they've gone and made things worse rather than better.

Irishguy952226d ago

Noo not you snookies, other people, like zeal0us.

If SE are gonna redo FF7, it'll be a remake. Or at least a Halo Anniversary type upgrade. That's what they put on themselves when they did that E3 tech demo.

JaggedCarpet2225d ago

Like zeal0us said above me, if you don't use the feature, how does it mess up your experience? Does the very concept of cheating offend you?

DivineAssault 2226d ago

i think ima buy this if its mac compatable.. I didnt get to enjoy this game on a PC in the past.. PS1 version was FUGLY but the game was awesome.. I hope running around isnt as clunky as it was on PS

Jormungandr2225d ago

You know, its funny. When FF7 came out every one lauded its graphics and FMV sequences. After all... FF7 was one of the first games to make significant use of the PSX's FMV features, and the first significant RPG to be rendered almost entirely in 3D (rather than using sprites).

What a difference perspective makes eh?

DivineAssault 2225d ago

yup & now they look like crap.. I still like sprites tho

Jormungandr2225d ago

Ugh... I beat Sephiroth with a level 30-something character on my first play through because I was impatient. I had pretty much started "escaping" from all random battles by the time I got to the Icicle Inn (and most battles by the time I finished the Golden Saucer).

That was my first play-through and I still didn't need cheats. Seriously is this what gaming has become? A bunch of kids who demand instant win buttons be added to the games they play so they don't have to bother trying at all?