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TSA: "Long past are the times when gaming’s first generation of gamers have endless time for the so-called epic titles. For some the change is gradual, but for others, with the onset of family and an all-encompassing job, it’s rather more sudden."

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lordoftheflies2200d ago

I really like games, which aren't to long and have a good story or gameplay, but I guess if there are just these ones out there it would destroy the diversity of the market~
I mean everyone got their own ideas of a good game, so why make everything the same ^^
But I would like to have mor of this short games for PC or console~ not just on my smartphone or as a browsergame~

stevenhiggster2200d ago

I get where he's coming from, but I dont really agree. I had a son last year and it now means that I don't have much time for gaming but I still like a good long game.
One thing I have noticed though is that I really can't play online multiplayer anymore. I only really get to game once he's gone to bed, and since my man cave is right next to his bed room I cant really talk over a mic without risking waking him. The main reason though is that he's not much of a sleeper, so everytime he wakes up I have to go through and get him back to sleep, which isn't really very good when you're in the middle of a 1000 tickets BF3 match. So I just don't really bother with multiplayer now unless its just a quick 5 minute TDM or something.

The Meerkat2200d ago

I used to play all the usual MP games but since the children arrived i'm the same as you.

Goodbye Halo, COD, Forza, Gears

Hello Castlevania, Darksiders, Dead Space, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Marvel Alliance, Puzzle Quest etc.

DasTier2200d ago

I really can't see anything about journey that would make it worth buying. It seems like your paying money to do nothing but walk towards a light for for 3 hours... I don't know about you guys but that is definatly not my idea of a game.

wishingW3L2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

I bought the game and found it pointless unless you're a hipster guy that likes artsy stuff. Money wasted to be honest.

Capt-FuzzyPants2200d ago

Yeah I played it and honestly I think it's a bit overrated. Now if they added stuff to do in the beatiful environments than I would of loved it but you could probably get the same experience watching it on youtube. And btw if this game was exclusive to Xbox do you think everyone on here would call it art and a masterpiece?

DasTier2200d ago

Not in the slightest, I guess the closest thing to it would be limbo, but I can't remember the general reaction to that on here.

Lord_Sloth2200d ago

Could you imagine a 2 hour MGS title? I wouldn't want 1 that short! Sure the gameplay averages out to be between 2 and 3 hours but without the cutscenes and plot I dunno if I'd enjoy it as much.

grailly2199d ago

of course, some games should be long, I mean I can't imagine a racing game with only two hours of content. but I'd really like more film-long games, if they can maintain very high quality throughout.

goldwyncq2200d ago

I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions... but could someone enlighten me why people consider Journey as one of the best games this gen? I mean I enjoyed it; it's unique and creative, but in my opinion its nowhere near the praise its been getting. I just can't help to think that it's a little overrated that's all.

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