GTA V: 10 Reasons You Should Still Be Playing GTA IV

WC writes: With no solid idea exactly when GTA V will hit shelves, we decided we simply must get our violent crime fix by pulling IV off the shelf again and exploring some of the reasons we’re still so hopelessly drawn in.

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HebrewHammer2081d ago

#1 is a pretty far-fetched theory. To attribute sales to the protagonist of a GTA game is absurd.

BiggCMan2081d ago

Honestly, in my eyes, this is more of a list of things that are in GTA IV, not reasons I should still be playing it. Neither of these make the game any more exciting, period. The game was so dull compared to every single one of it's predecessors. They made a mistake in going the mature/realistic route.

I do enjoy the physics, and the driving especially, but they aren't enough to make the game amazing. The story and it's characters were so boring to me, there is nothing fun to do outside of the story. Hanging out with friends by calling them and going to shoot pool or go out for a drink is NOT my idea for side missions. The pigeons were annoying as all hell though, dunno how he enjoyed that. But over all, the game was OK.

I never touch my PS3 version any more, I occasionally play my PC version, constantly updating my graphical mods and play around a little with my in-game trainers. It's the only way to make the game fun when I can spawn any cars, be like superman all the time with infinite ammo and health.

claud32081d ago

Played and still playing. Not going to change the fact gta v is still coming out

Tonester9252081d ago

I can't play GTA IV or Red Dead Redemption. I think my files are corrupted or something because it always freezes or the world won't be loaded all the way and everyone looks like PS1 graphics

Over7262081d ago

Only if Rockstar makes a patch that links IV and V. maybe a hint or cameo of GTA V Or even more radio stations.

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